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Goals and Motivations

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At the end of my summer explorations, here are my goals and motivations going into the thesis academic year:

  • Create a way for people living poverty to communicate with greater ease and affordability
  • Deliver ‘the internet’ in some way via voice and/or SMS
  • Prototype work in Belize as this is the context I’m most familiar with
  • Make a sustainable system - the best way to facilitate this seems to be by creating a for-profit or non-loss business

These are things I need to cull through before class starts (beyond my paper and presentation that are due):

  • Interviews that need to be transcribed
  • Finishing maps which I’ve already made notes and observations for
  • A bit of prototyping
  • Reading through my increasing pile of academic papers

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August 24th, 2008 at 7:48 pm

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