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Democracy in America: Sharon Hayes

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Democracy in America: Convergence Center at Park Aveune Armory is a Creative Time project featuring 40 artists exploring political themes running Sept 21-27.

Sharon Hayes’s Revolutionary Love 1 & 2 recreated public, group speeches at the recent RNC and DNC.  The content o the speech was quite beautiful, but the design of the space to engage you in this content was especially important to me.  When I approached the installation, I heard this crowd of chanting voices;  the environment felt very cultish to me.  After entering the space, however, I felt totally at ease and, more importantly, like I was at the protests.  Hayes strategically placed multiple screens and speakers each with one voice around the room in such a way that allowed the protest to be bigger and more meaningful than it perhaps was when it was carried out in real time.

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September 25th, 2008 at 1:17 pm

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