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Experiments and Questions

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These are the experiments I have carried out to date:

  • Creation of a system map of Pigeon and a beeping system
  • Implementation of sign up
  • Implementation of adding contacts
  • Implementation of proper public messaging
  • User testing (of above implementation, of instruction sets or how to talk about the concept)

Questions carrying me forward:

  • What other alternative methods of sing up should be created?
  • What other existing systems of communication can Pigeon be linked with (i.e. Google Chat status message, Facebook)?
  • What type of short instruction can be given to create the context for the system (i.e. Pigeon gives you two minutes to tell your world what you’re up to)?
  • Should you be able to order your contacts for playback?
  • Should optional or mandatory profile information be collected to assist in finding contacts?
  • How can the system and promotional material emphasize the voice aspect of Pigeon?
  • How can Pigeon be useful in developed contexts?
  • Could usage in developed contexts financially support usage in developing regions?
  • How can this be a sustainable business?
  • How can Pigeon be simply and quickly explained to non-users and users new to the system?

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September 29th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

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