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Visual Web Presence

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I want to explore other methods of web and mobile sign up to and distribution of Pigeon.  I imagine the Pigeon web site interaction consisting of a main page for logging in or signing up, a page with a little more information about the system, and a logged in page where contacts could be added and you could listen to your messages.  Also online, content could be delivered to other places such as Facebook or Google Chat away messages.

Wireframes of: home page, logged in page.

One day in class when discussing sign up, Colleen through out the idea that maybe someone would go around communities setting up temporary kiosks for signing up and making contacts or perhaps that an operator could exist which would set these things up for you.  Either situation, at some level, could be mediated through this web interface.  Would these types of activities be carried out by Pigeon proper or could they be small, side businesses by local entrepreneurs?

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October 6th, 2008 at 7:47 pm

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