Monday Play

Moves for iPhone is a simple app that tells you how many steps you take in a day.  I love this app for it’s passive activity:  it just sits in my pocket and records the number of steps I take, in the morning it tells me how many steps I took the previous day.  The design is simple and elegant and the content easy to read.  I never really kept track of my steps before but now that I have this app I find myself excited to see how many steps I took and secretly hoping I beat my record.  The only problem I have with the app is that sometimes it tells me I cycled even though I didn’t, not sure why this is.  Either way lovely and easy to use app!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.38.39 PM

Yahoo Weather App – app of the day


This app makes Apple’s native ios weather app look really sad.  Yahoo’s weather app is absolutely stunning, I honestly can’t stop looking at it.  The landing page consists of gorgeous high res images of NYC pulled dynamically from flickr, with the temperature highs and lows displayed in beautiful type along the bottom.  Scroll down for the forecast clearly laid out with clean outlines, scroll down some more for a detailed view of today’s weather, maps, precipitation, wind pressure as illustrated by moving windmills, and the sun and moon rising and setting times.  Changing locations is super easy, just the push of a button.  In 2 minutes this app already displaced the native ios app on my homescreen and I highly doubt I will ever open the default weather app again.  If you are not already convinced to download this app, the icing on the cake is that it is free. 🙂

Food App Ideas

Idea 1 :  Idliketoeat,com – a collaboration with Mani Id like to eat is a restaurant finder for people with dietary restrictions

Idea 2: Recipe Sharing: My mom and I are always sharing recipes.  Same with my friends, we get a CSA and we’re always discussing what to do with the veggies.  This app would be like a social media way to share recipes.  You would have ‘friends’ and can easily share recipes and food pics with them.  There would be a recipe card template so uploading your recipes would be a breeze and then you could share them with a particular person, group, or all of your friends

Idea 3: Recipe archive:  At my mom’s house she has several old recipe card holders full of recipes from my great grandmother but she has no way to archive them.  This app you could take a picture of an old recipe card, the app would scan the image and create a document.  You could have folders and be able to easily access and archive any printed recipe so you’ll never lose a recipe again!