#Thursdayplays – Darkings

Game – Darkings


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“In short: you’re Lum, an avenging light spirit. Enemies crawl towards you, you draw the symbols that appear over their heads, Lum teleports over and possesses them, derezzes them Neo-in-Agent-Smith style, and you collect the oh so precious star bits which the nasty buggers were holding in their shadow-jowls—unless they manage to touch you and, yeah, kill you dead.”

These words from “pockettactics” review, I think the most attractive part of this game is the interactive method, players will be not only tab the screen or slide, they could draw a shape on the screen to win.


puplay – paper prototype

What we’ve learned from wireframes and prototyping

  1. Time counting is necessary because users will get the sense of how long they have recorded their puppet play.
  2. Missing home tap will confuse users.
  3. Giving a little hint to users when they are playing is helpful, especially for those who play the first time.
  4. Putting three taps (gallery/ play/ show) together is easier for users to navigate.
  5. Users also like to save the puppet video to their own albums.
  6. Users prefer to have more interactions with the puppet.

puplay prototype – sophie & yang


Group project ideas – Sophie & Yang

1. An interactive game played with iPad, two people should play together. the target users are the one wants to play with his friend together, it is fit for the family entertainment or the friends party game. Player 1 vs Player 2, the two players all want good ball and hate bad ball, so they would try to let the good ball roll into their own boundary area, and let the bad ball go to the other’s area.



2. Intangible cultural heritage – Chinese Shadow Puppet. An iPhone lifestyle app, the target users are the one who interested in the ancient oriental culture. They could know more about Chinese shadow play, Peking Opera and another culture arts. They could donate and custom their own Chinese shadow play.

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3. Subway Musician: An iPhone lifestyle app focuses on the artists under the subway, they always do some creative activity, so the app will show the famous subway artist, and you could see the videos and surprised by their shows.

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