Learnings from Digital Prototyping Messageo | Zeqing Hong & Galit Lurya

iPhone App

  • Add set username in sign up
  • Import contacts only later on in the process when creating a new message
  • Add the pin-it button also on the top bar of creating a new message
  • Consider breaking down the bar to have the notifications and time limit under/above the write a message area- clarify the icons as they are not clear enough
  • Consider creating a more differentiated layout for the sent and received messages
  • Add titles to bottom bar buttons- the icons themselves are not clear enough
  • On pending messages that have a map add option to tap on map to get directions
  • Sent messages- is the time limit in hours? add H to clarify

Apple watch app

  • Only show sent and received messages + notifications
  • In the sent and received messages, create a combined view of map and list

Learnings from Paper Prototyping Messageo | Zeqing Hong & Galit Lurya

Some learnings we had from paper prototyping messageo

Received messages
1. How are the messages organized- by date? by location?
2. Is there a way to see these as a map view?
3. Add data and location information to each message in the list
4. Let people know they have messages so they know something is waiting for them- avoid disappointments for the people that send the messages

Specific message view
Add date message was received

New message
1. Is there a possibility to send one message to more than one person?
2. Check location of current location button

Sent Messages
In sent messages- add the status of the messages (read/unread)