Week3_Qizhao Chen(Eric)

  • Note 2-3 user insights that you learned from paper prototyping
1. The “Chat” function in the app is unnecessary. If the users want to contact their friends for more comment about the restaurant, they will use their frequent-used social media to contact them.
2. The position of the “hunting” tap is quite strange, it seems not be the main function but its position is in the middle.
3. What about many restaurants show up on the map? How to show their friends clearly on the map?
4. How can users find their friends? Should they log in to their Twitter account or their Facebook account?
5. The title of the view lack consistency. Some of them are large and some of them are small.
My modified version:




My name is Qizhao Chen, you can call me Eric. I come from Guangzhou, China. I am a digital designer. I am interested in UI & UX design and want to develop more skills about them.

Three things I didn’t know from the Apple HIG:

  1. Modality:

    Modality creates focus by preventing people from doing other things until they complete a task or dismiss a message or view. Action sheets, alerts, and activity views provide modal experiences. When a modal view appears onscreen, the user must make a choice by tapping a button or otherwise exiting the modal experience.

  2. Auto Layout.

  3. Differences between Hierarchical Navigation and Flat Navigation.


Here is my app map:


Here is my wireframe: