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This app is a good place to kill boring time while on waiting or on the train. First of all the graphic style and layout is kind of attractive for me to read and explore in the app. The other thing I like a lot about this app is that you can select your own interested topics or categories you are curious about, and keep reading fun articles. More than thousands of subjects in the discover page that will keep you digging in this app.




Week 6_Apple TV app

3 things I learned from Apple TV HIG:

1. Text size:

Style Weight Size (Points) Leading (Points) Tracking (1/1000em)
Title 1 Regular 76 96 +11
Title 2 Medium 57 66 +13
Title 3 Medium 48 56 +15
Headline Medium 38 46 -26
Callout Medium 31 38 -16
Body Medium 29 36 -13
Subhead Medium 29 36 -13
Footnote Regular 29 36 -13
Caption 1 Regular 25 32 -3
Caption 2 Medium 23 30 +3

2. Some remote gestures:

  • Press the Home button once to return to the Home screen from anywhere.
  • Press the Home button twice quickly to bring up the App Switcher, which displays all apps open. Swipe up on the Siri Remote’s touch surface to force close an app.
  • Press the Home button three times quickly to access VoiceOver.
  • Press the Menu button once to go back.
  • Tap is for moving focus point, not same with clicking.

3. Layout

• Include appropriate padding between focusable elements. The element gets bigger when it comes into focus. Consider how elements look when they’re focused, and make sure they don’t unintentionally overlap important information.

• Allude to hidden content by partially displaying offscreen elements. In large collections where content doesn’t fit on a single screen, hint at the additional content by showing portions of the offscreen items.

My apple tv food app

Considering my food app as a social media platform that heavily based on images and which the interaction between friends involved mostly are comments and message. I decided to cut down some functions. So on the tv, the app will only have four tabs: Home(feeds), Nearby, Friends, Me.

Week 4

Digital Prototype:

User test feedbacks:

  1. When the user tap “Add” button, it can directly show the camera instead of giving options of add from camera or photo album.
  2. The “calendar” screen that under “Invitation” tab is not necessary, the user can mark the date by using their calendar app.
  3. User can invite their friends to go eat together through text message, email, or other message apps. Reconsider the utility of the in-app message function.

  4. The “Gallery” and “Place” that under “Me” tab can be combined into one screen.


AfterShip is a package tracking app. Since I often purchase items from different online platforms, I might have several tracking numbers at the same time. By using this app, I can track all of my packages simultaneously and it can push notification about current updates of one specific package. In addition, it incorporate 370+ carriers tracking services.


Exploding Kittens, the card game now has an app version. Since I’ve never played the card game I want to experience the gameplay from the app. I thought the instruction was hard to understand at first but after playing for the second round it became more clear of how to strategize the game. I was playing against the AI and the whole goal of the game is to not be exploded. I thought they captured the art direction from the card game and transformed it into an app version very well.

For Mar 29, 2018

  • Note 2-3 user insights that you learned from paper prototyping
  • Based on your prototyping, create a final design for you AppleTV App

As you start thinking more about Machine Learning, feel free and reference Quinn’s Lecture

Quinn also sent these over:

In addition, this URL is probably the most pertinent your students when thinking about ML things they could consider for a mobile app:
Also mentioned but not linked in the slides:  (every morning, sometimes in the afternoon, too) (the awesome list of awesome lists. chug the meta koolaid) (to show it’s not just 🤓 developer stuff)