Week 4

User Insights:

  • Wanted to be able to see more stuff under explore without scrolling
  • Feed and discover look too similar
  • Users swiped through the steps of the recipes and didn’t use the next button
  • Users wanted play button to be centered on video
  • More blur behind titles to make them more legible
  • Add steps to making a recipe instead of putting it all on one screen

Updated Prototype

Week 2 Sara Birchard

User Insights:

  • Bubble icon – user thought that this was a place to chat
  • User was drawn to check own profile
      • Expected an account icon
  • Missing back buttons
  • Wanted a way to minimize the about section (chef profile) so that it doesn’t take up the whole screen
  • Wanted to be able to rate recipe at the bottom of a recipe after making it
  • Don’t need a confirmation page for posting a recipe
  • User didn’t think settings was important enough to be its own nav item

Old App Map

I realized that a lot of the items that were on my app map were not actual screens, but rather states that occur on the same screen. I also got rid of the settings tab and replaced it with the profile tab, which houses settings.

New App Map

Detailed Wireframes

Week 1 – Sara Birchard

About Me

I was born & raised in the East Village, just a few blocks away from Parsons. I studied psychology for my undergrad and after graduating, I took an immersive UX Design course at General Assembly. Since then, I have been doing freelance UX and have found myself primarily designing mobile apps.

3 things I didn’t know from the HIG

  1. Avoid permanently hiding the status bar. I never actually knew that it was an option to hide the status bar until I played the Animal Crossing game for iOS. I thought that it was a poor choice on their part because I forced me to leave the app to check the time. It makes sense that Apple would strongly advise against it but I never really thought about it until now.
  2. Custom Keyboards. I didn’t know that this was an option either. In all of the apps that I’ve helped design, it never even came up as a consideration. I’m sure that I’ve seen it before in some apps but just totally ignored the fact that it was different from Apple’s dark and light themes.
  3. App Icon Customization. This is also something that I didn’t know was possible. According to the HIG, you can provide a set of app icons within your app and allow the user to choose which one displays on their phone.

About the App

For my food app, I created an app that is essentially a social media platform for chefs to share recipes. It works similarly to Instagram in that you can follow chefs, discover new chefs, and even post as a chef yourself. This is the very rough framework for how the app will function.

App Map