#Thusdayapps: WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont is an app that allows you take a picture of any font (on-screen or printed) and find similar fonts. It is meant to identify the exact font but from my experience, I find that this is almost never the case. However, I still find it useful for when I see a font style that I like and want to match in my own work. The UI is very simple: all you have to do is take a picture of the font you want to identify and the app will automatically detect any text in the image. If it does not detect the word that you want to identify, there is also the option of manually selecting it. The app will then generate a list of similar fonts- usually, it will have the same word as photographed for a direct comparison but if it cannot identify the word then it will use “the quick brown fox.”

Week 12 – Stella & Sara

User Insights: 

  • Users wanted to see both people’s location on the map
  • Users wanted to set a budget before inviting
  • See restaurant price range & avg. reviews
  • Did not think notifications should have its own tab
  • Ability to connect several social media accounts
  • Restaurant photo not needed in the results view
  • Payment options – users did not want to get to a place and realize that the place only accept cash
  • Ability to plan future outings

Iterated Wireframe:


Week 4

User Insights:

  • Wanted to be able to see more stuff under explore without scrolling
  • Feed and discover look too similar
  • Users swiped through the steps of the recipes and didn’t use the next button
  • Users wanted play button to be centered on video
  • More blur behind titles to make them more legible
  • Add steps to making a recipe instead of putting it all on one screen

Updated Prototype

Week 2 Sara Birchard

User Insights:

  • Bubble icon – user thought that this was a place to chat
  • User was drawn to check own profile
      • Expected an account icon
  • Missing back buttons
  • Wanted a way to minimize the about section (chef profile) so that it doesn’t take up the whole screen
  • Wanted to be able to rate recipe at the bottom of a recipe after making it
  • Don’t need a confirmation page for posting a recipe
  • User didn’t think settings was important enough to be its own nav item

Old App Map

I realized that a lot of the items that were on my app map were not actual screens, but rather states that occur on the same screen. I also got rid of the settings tab and replaced it with the profile tab, which houses settings.

New App Map

Detailed Wireframes