Learnings Digital Prototyping

Digital prototyping helped me not only to test the flows thoroughly, but also to comprehend the app as a whole. Many continuity issues inbetween those thought-through user flows became visible, i.e. “how do i get back from here?” and “what do I do next?”.

Also Flinto’s limitations in terms of transition animation really emphasized the importance of meaningful transitions in UX for me.

After feedback through midterm review-redesign of project 1 -FOOD SOLO-Jackie

I attached my redesign play app link here: https://www.flinto.com/p/627ef587

Through last week feedback of my first application design. I did some switches and improve parts.

1. Import “add new song” page: Create one page for users can review their song which link to the side bar of “my songs”, where I can see my list of songs in the world:

my songs2

2. Removed the hamburger menu

3. Redesign the tag of my sidebar, change the lay out to :

-Sign in

-new: with the main feed of all new songs in the world

-my songs: where I can see my list of the songs in the world and also design a “+” button to add a new track

-background tracks: show background sound options


4. Create 3 pages for ” add new song ” function:


At first , in the design song page, I provide three tags, which is :” Choose a  background track”, “Choose rhythm tracks” and ” Construct your tract”. Then if you tag each bars your will see three different browsers pop out:


A. Browser1: Background track pages, slide to choose the background song


B. Browser2: Choose food  rhythm elements for your songs


C. Browser3: Create your song, control and play the rhythm mix with the songs.



Attractive app recommendation

VSCO cam


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.01.45 AM

Shuangshuang – Thursday Apps (that I introduced in class so far)

1. Doodle God and Doodle Devil

Doodle God:

“Of course the universe was not created in a day. You’ll have to work your up from a simple microorganism to create animals, tools, storms and even build armies before you have what it takes to build the universe! But beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences, inventing the wheel might just trigger a zombie plague… Don’t worry, you are not alone on this cosmic journey! Every time you successfully create a new item you’ll be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians of all time.”

Doodle Devil:

“While Doodle God was busy creating the universe, Doodle Devil was also having some fun. The same addictive, puzzle game play that made Doodle God a hit is back but with an evil twist. Discover the seven deadly sins and watch as the world crumbles at your fingertips as you create thousands of dastardly deeds. Combine fire, earth, wind & air to create demons, beasts, zombies… and much more. Being bad has never been so much fun!”

doodle god screen480x480

2. AirPano

“AirPano Travel Book is a collection of unique spherical photo panoramas of the most amazing places in the world with a bird’s eye view. AirPano Travel Book takes you on an exciting journey with a real-life presence at a photographic location. The aerial panorama technology allows viewers to soar in the sky above Niagara Falls, the famous Taj Mahal, nightlife in Las Vegas, and the fantastic beaches of Dominican Republic.”

screen520x924 (1) screen520x924

3. Strata

“The goal of Strata is to strategically layer colored ribbons to match a pattern. Using forethought and strategy you must sequence your moves correctly. Over time patterns emerge and your tactics may evolve, but Strata will keep you on your toes with increasingly difficult puzzles.”


4. FotoPlace

A photo editing app developed by a Chinese team. You can edit photos and add movie subtitles to the photo to make it look like a screenshot of a film. You can choose Chinese, English and even Japanese subtitles. The system languages include both Chinese and English.




Apple Watch App Questions answered by a friendly developer

My senior developer coworker Quinn at Small Planet was kind enough to answer a bunch of our Apple Watch questions that came up.

I did learn from him that you can’t layer anything interactive, so you can’t have two buttons on top of one another.

Keep embracing the constraints!

From Quinn:

Can we register vertical swipes? And other swipe?
No gestures can be detected other than a button touch up and the similar stepper, switch interface objects. No crown access, either, sorry! Since our code doesn’t run on the watch, then smooth gestures that interact with elements on the watch aren’t possible.

Can you apple pay buy things in app?
It appears that the watch can be used as an NFC device to fulfill an Apple Pay request, although there’s nothing in the SDK documentation that provides the on-watch interface that would be required for triggering a purchase from the phone. So probably not. — Alaere: maybe you can show the status of your already ordered item?

Can I tap a map pin?
No, the map in a phone is not interactive, although if you set the map as enabled, when the user taps the map they’ll open that region in the Apple maps app on the watch which allows more interaction. Until we get our grubby wrists on one, the exact behavior of how that works is TBD.

Force touch only context menu?
Yep. As far as we can tell, that’s all you can do with force touches in Apple’s apps, too, which makes the limitation more palatable.

Can I call?
There doesn’t appear to be anything in the SDK documentation that allows starting a phone call (text message, or email, either) on the watch.

Splash screen?
Officially, no. There’s nowhere to set a wee Default.png image for the watch app. If you have your heart set on it, the initial interface could display an image for a second before reloading the real root controller(s)…

Can I send audio?
There are no mentions of playing sounds on the watch from 3rd party code. No haptic interactions, either.

Record audio?
No audio metions at all in the documentation.

Remote camera controller?
Maybe? There isn’t Apple provided code to control the camera, but in theory there is some chance that this could work. The Watch app can communicate with the parent (iPhone) app, but not officially the other way. In the case that the parent app was open and had control of the camera (after approval on the iPhone side by the user), it should be possible to take a photo from the watch. The connection between the two devices is low energy bluetooth which is not the fastest and Apple may cache communication between watch and phone for some time before transmitting your requests, so there could be latency over which you have no control.

Limit on series indicator?
Yes and no. In the current beta version running on the simulator, the series indicators keep on trucking off the side of the screen when they become too many. On the 38mm watch, that’s after 22 while the 42mm can sport 26 of the little fellows. It’s upon you to page responsibly…