Thursday play – 2 -Rhythm Necklace – Make music with shapes

Rhythm Necklace is a sequencer for composing rhythmic loops. It was created by Meara O’Reilly and Sam Tarakajian. The interesting thing is this app make uses can see the music they made.


The latest instalment in a long tradition of compact and innovative iOS musical tools is Rhythm Necklace, a new app for generating and modulating melodies. Capitalizing on super legible circular step sequencing and a restrained interface, the app offers a tangible method for composing, iterating, and exporting audio.

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Rhythm necklaces are circular representations of repeating patterns. They’ve found application in fields as varied as crystallography, radio astronomy, nuclear physics, and ethnomusicology. When applied to musical rhythms, circular representations show the underlying geometric properties that make them enjoyable, such as the degrees of evenness and symmetry. Computer scientist Godfried Toussaint has found that analyzing rhythms geometrically reveals surprising relationships between rhythms the world over. The Rhythm Necklace iOS app is a musical sequencer for exploring the geometry of rhythm necklaces, and for experimenting with generating rhythms algorithmically.

Thursday Play – 1 – pplkpr

pplkpr is an app that analyze, mange and optimize your social life. It was created by Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald. Using a smartwatch, pplkpr monitors your physical and emotional response to the people around you, and optimizes your social life accordingly.


pplkpr was created to explore the implications of quantified living for relationships. Part provocation and in part a speculation, pplkpr is also a fully functional app that poses questions of data ownership between two people, and if algorithms could understand our relationships and make better interpersonal decisions than we can ourselves?


Pplkpr can create and open a text message, delete someone from your contacts, and poke people on Facebook. It started with over a year of research and experimentation, and eventually took the form of an iOS app ready for short term daily-life performances.


You may manually enter information into pplkpr at any moment, but it also produces two kinds of automated notifications requesting information: one for when you are coming and going, and one for when you feel something.

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