Point : after user testing

point_UserTesting (presentation slides)

https://popapp.in/projects/535058c113493d94050835ba/preview  (POP)

<What we’ve learned from user testing>

1. 3D main view may be hard to see detail information.  (–> revised to have 2types of main view- 2D and 3D)

2. Request of a view for seeing whole events  (–> added to have an overview view to see daily whole event in the city)

3. 3D point display has illogical process.  (–> revision of detail designs and the way of interaction so that users can easily understand how to play with Point application)

#thursdayapps – RoadMovies




The application is about making movie short film with simple process. Firstly, users choose one of template mode – 1s X 24shots, 2s X 12 shots, and 3s X 8 shots. The users will shoot their story in a short shots and after shooting all frames, they can make it more fancy by selecting a filter effect. Lastly, they can choose background music and export it as a video file in their mobile library and also  post on Facebook.