For May 4, 2017

  • Choose your own add on. Create an AppleTV, Apple Watch, iMessage, or Voice design for your app. Both groups 1 & 2 will present next week.
  • Double check that all of your work is on the blog. If it’s not on the blog, you don’t get credit. For your group work, you can post it under one person, just make sure both people are mentioned.
  • You need to have at least 2 total #thursdayplays/#thursdayapps posts

Litterati App redesign Wireframe and Concept (Nan and Misung)


A global community that is eradicating litter one piece at a time.

How it works: 

* Take a photo of each piece of litter that you collect and dispose
* Add tags to each litter photo for item and/or brand type
* Upload the photos so the data can be tracked in the Digital Landfill database
* Track your personal impact and that of the Litterati community

Target users: Environmental Advocates/Marine Conservation Organizations

Pain points: 

  1. Not able to see other people’s collected items
  2. Users only can upload one image at a time
  3. Users are not able to get a full analysis of litter they’ve collected or feedback after doing it


While using the Litterati app, we found out that to give users better experiences, showing how much and what kind of contribution they made to save the environment based on the time and category of litter they collected. Furthermore, let them share it within the app and also virally through posting on social media so that other people also get interested in participating with them.

What we’ve learned from feedback

  • Reward system: considering how to encourage to collect litter, and take photos on it 
  • Why people curious what the garbage collected by others? (Apparently, most garbage images are not attractive, why people want to see it?)

Brandon Palmer | Three Things I learned from the critique | Weather & Calendar App

Problem 1 | Calendar Events

The first thing our group learned from this weeks critique was that our app needs to connect the calendar events to the reward system. There is a major loop hole in which users can easily check off their events to gain points. (Not Good)

Problem 2 | Animations

The second problem that needs iteration pertains to the functionality of our animated character. When the user interacts with the time dial. The sequential transition of the character stays the same as the local weather. Creating misalignment with the modified times.

Problem 3 | Achievements

The main hook of our application that separates it from competitors are the unique characters. The user can be rewarded for new accessories that can either treat or torture your weather buddy.

Main focus

Overall our main objective is to connect the characters to the calendar events giving the users the incentive to complete their daily goals.


TV OS_Visual DesignFinal

AppleTV Visual Design

What I’ve learned from the class feedback and user testing

  • Each step has too many descriptions which is not that readable,  so I think it is better to break down the whole paragraph into short several lists
  • Increasing the line space so that users can easily read the description from a distance
  •  Make the focused item more obvious on Direction pages, I understand it is crucial to make sure they always know which item is in focus. so I changed the position of the text “Step one” from bottom to the top in order to make each step more noticeable