Week 8 Feedback and Paper Prototype_Jean

Feedback from the first prototype and user testing

  1. In the “Data Input” part, it should be input from other devices like iPhone app, because it is hard for the users to input all the data in the TV.
  2. In the Exercise part, there should be an option to add other family members, because there might be the exercise that they wanted to play together.
  3. Many of the headers look like the menu bar, try to differentiate it.

Week 7 Apple TV_Jean

What I’ve learned from tvOS human interface guidelines

1. Apple TV is designed for entertainment, not data entry

Because most people interact with Apple TV by using the remote control, so it is hard for them to input a big amount of data, try to minimize the information that the users have to input in the app. If the app required lots of information from the users, tell them to visit a website from another device.

2. The interaction of Apple TV is based on a focus model 

By pressing buttons and using gestures on the remote, people move focus from element to element, stop on a specific one, and click to access content or initiate action. As focus changes, subtle animations and the parallax effect produce a feeling of depth that clearly identifies the item that’s currently in focus.

Make the focused item obvious

Because people select and manipulate elements onscreen from afar, it’s crucial to make sure they always know which item is in focus.

3. Apple TV typography

Knowing the font size of Apple TV is important because people are using it at a distance.

San Francisco is the system font on Apple TV and this is the font size chart

tvOS App Map

tvOS Wireframe



ChineasyCards is an app for people to learn the Chinese Language in an easy and fun way. The game in each level includes 4-6 word cards with an illustration for the player to remember, in each card the player can also listen to the pronunciation, if they can remember all the words that the game provided, they can move to the next level. After the player passed the level, they will receive the bao for their reward, so they can feed their learning buddy and keeps them happy.

I think this app is interesting because the Chinese language is the universal language right now and we all should learn how to speak Chinese. This app allows people to learn Chinese anytime and anywhere. I also like the illustration of the game, it looks friendly and easy to understand, and it makes me want to learn Chinese.

Week 5 Presentation/Week 6 Final Version_Jean

Week 5 Final Presentation

App map (Presentation)

Wireframe (Presentation)

Digital Prototype


Comments from the final presentation 

  1. In the pop-up timer, it looks like it is touchable, makes it look untouchable.
  2. Choose between the arrow and “close” button.
  3. The Filter button should be gone after the user tap on the button.
  4. Should differentiate the “Done” button with other buttons because it looks similar.
  5. In the “Done” page in the shopping list, doesn’t need to have the check circle.
  6. “Done” button can be in the top bar.

Wireframe (Final Version)

Digital Prototype (Final Version)


I also moved “Clear” button to the top bar of the shopping list page.


Week 3/Week 4_Jean

User Insight of second paper prototype and first digital prototype

  1. In the method part change from “View Full Screen” to something else like “Start Cooking”, because it is confusing.
  2. Every page should have tap bar.
  3. In the “back” button, change it to “cancel” or “the name of the page”.
  4. When tap search, it is confusing that they can still see all the pictures, try to blur the background or change it to something else.
  5.  In the filter part, change from search bar to something else, because it is confusing and looks like they are still in the search page.
  6.  In the filter part, try to figure out the way to choose all the filter at the same time.
  7.  Cut the calories part out and add shopping list as one of the tap bar instead.


Digital Prototype


Week 2_Jean

User Insight/ first paper prototype


  1. Should allow the users to select each ingredient before they add it to the shopping list, just in case they already got that ingredient.
  2. In the “Shopping list” page, it should have “add” button, just in case the user wants to add some other ingredients to there shopping list. Also, the “done” button can be added, for them to use after they have finished all the shopping.
  3. The “method” part is confused because it does not show full method at the beginning. It should provide a full method in the main recipe page.
  4. About the timing in the “Full Screen Recipe” part, a timer should pop-up in that page after the user tap on the word. In order for the user to see when the time is running.
  5. The recipe page and the restaurant page are the same, should do something to differentiate this two page. Instead of showing the time/price/calories in the restaurant page, it can be the brief description of the restaurant.


Second Wireframe

Week 1_Jean

About me



Hi! My name is Rudiampai Kuonsongtham, or you can call me Jean. I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on architectural and visual design. I’m currently interested in interactive and branding design. I am an enthusiastic person who is eager to learn new thing everyday!


3 Things I didn’t know about Apple HIG

1. Safe area Layout guide

I didn’t know that there is a safe area layout guide. Before this, I just design according to the whole size of the iPhone frame.

2. Color perception

When choosing the color for my app, I never consider about the culture or beliefs of people in other countries. I never thought that is it appropriate to use or not, I just concerned about its aesthetic. It is important for the app to be accepted and universally use by everyone.

3. Onboarding

A launch screen is important to be considered for the app, because it shows that your app is fast and responsive. It also allows time for initial content to load.


Food App :

The concept of my food app is “Healthy in a hurry!”. It creates for busy people who wants to be healthy. The app will make people’s life easier, especially the one who lived in the big city. The features of the app include a quick and healthy recipe, help you find a healthy restaurant nearby and help you organize your healthy shopping list!


App map