Central Park App_ Final Iteration_ Elly, Rosa


We are designing an app for Central Park which have the tour packages that can help people to explore the Central Park in different routes. For the app on iPhone, the three main pages are tour package page, explore page, and map page. On the other hand, for the apple watch add on, we focus on the function of navigation.

Main Functions

  • Choice on tour packages
  • Customize your own route
  • Introductions of the place
  • Central park map
  • Explore new place
  • Navigation



Final Design

Three things we have changed:

  1. In apple watch, we put a DONE button instead of push over.
  2. In apple watch, when start navigation, we show the place “Central Park Reservoir”.
  3. In iphone, we fix minor graphic design and layout.


Central Park App_ Elly, Rosa





In this final presentation, we redesign the icons and the tour packages graphics to make our app more attractive and clear.

For the flow in iPhone, the most thing we have changed is make the hierarchy clear in the tour package. Clearly states the distance and time people would have spend in each tour.

Also, We get rid off the function of bike riding. We replaced it to the function of exploring the central park by categories. And what’s more, we have the function of map which can show where you are, and what are the things nearby.

For the flow in Apple Watch, we get rid of the order number of the graphics and add the next stop under the bottom of the map. Also, we made the navigation bar clearer in words.


Digital Prototype on iPhone: https://marvelapp.com/45jb5hi/screen/28042385

Digital Prototype on AppleWatch: https://marvelapp.com/1i452eh/screen/28042730


What we have learnt in the final presentation:


  1. Is that possible to save the plan already done?

Apple Watch:

  1. cannot do back and forth (push over)
  2. add audio


Yummy Apple TV_ Elly Lin

For the Apple TV version. I took off the function of “create” personals recipes. I want people to focus on the function of explore and their collections in the profile page.

The paper prototype I have done in class:

Users’ feedback:

The bar on the top cannot do the sublayer such as Country and Author layers under the Explore bar, and Favorites and My Recipes under the Profile bar.


The visual version:

Feedback from class:

  1. need to tell more actions after clicking on the video.
  2. The circle icon is confused. Because it can be click on video and flag, but not on the country and authors’ icons.

# Thursdayapps 2_ Elly

Toca Lab


Toca Lab is an playable app game for children. Also, it can cultivate children interest and knowledge in Chemistry.

The periodic table can encourage children to collect all of the 118 elements, by trying out the functions of heat, wheel, freeze, waves, and blend.

The app shows a great collaboration of artist, programmer, technical artist, and play designer.

The reason that I love this app a lot is because I am interested in children education. I think this app successfully help children who are afraid of chemistry by those cute and funny animations. Also, for those kids that haven’t start to learn chemistry, this app will help them build in many interests.

Website: https://tocaboca.com/app/toca-lab/


Yummy_ Final Iteration

Critique from midterm presentation:

  1. Create page: (1) when creating the recipe, it would be better to have a save function (eg. every 5 minutes) (2) the text on the recipe are too small, and also, add on lines in between the content will be clearer. (3) the select button on the country is wrong (it is for websites)
  2. Explore page: (1) COUNTRY/ AUTHOR– make it like a button (2) Is it a good way to make the country bubble flag? playable?? (3) How to highlight the filter?

Things that I have changed in this final Iteration:

  1. the text: (1) change font from 15pt to 17pt (2) add lines to separate the content in order to be clear (3) save text every 2 minutes
  2. correct the select country button
  3.  change the shape of the filter (COUNTRY/ AUTHOR), in order to make it like buttons.

# Thursdayapps


Walkr is an game app that wish you to walk out with your phone. When using this app, users are like traveling through the galaxy. Users can collect a lot of beautiful planets to achieved the goal. Each planet are designed in a fancy way and are be categorized into food, planet, element, and so on. Such as Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, etc.

The things that attract me with this app is not only the interesting story and beautiful design in it, but also people can get in shape and have fun at the same time. 


Assignment#3 Elly Lin

Thanks to the comment that I have got in class, I organized the flow a lot. And in this prototype I made design with the color and layouts.

This is the prototype I upload on Marvel: https://marvelapp.com/7g7gfhj/screen/25563852

I take most of the suggestions in class, and then modified this “Yummy App”. The most different thing is I added a quick introduction before getting into the main page. This is the idea I want people to know my app better, that is, I hope people be excited and want them to use this app to know others’ cooking stories and also explore the food around the world.

Also, in the app you can feel free to just browse through people’s recipe around the world without sign-in. Only if you want to collect others’ recipe or create your own recipe will you need to create an account.

The following is the flow of my app.


Thank you!




Assignment#2 Elly Lin

Comment from Feb.23

Digital prototype:



  • feedback from class
  1. no tap on logo
  2. Text font bigger
  3. Customer_ open page/ follow?
  5. Main page (1)not reach the content “Map” around the world (2) pic looks not excited (3) special title/ name
  6. Create page (1) first comes form to fill out, and then pulls the library (2) full steps (3) ingredients (4) eg. instagram (multi pics in a time) (5) tags?? (6) regions ?? (people from NY might not make NY food)
  • user’s feedback 1 (Tong)
  1. Map page_ Country lists
  2. Main page_ name country
  3.  Profile- stars on name+ country (must be filled)
  • user’s feedback2 (PengPeng)
  1. Home page’s icons (collect and my recipe is not clear)
  2. collect+ country?
  3. The sequences of the icons
  4. Subscribe (Map) icon: change the icon to a world or…