Week 1

3 Things I didn’t know about Apple HIG

  1. Onboarding with Launch time, I normally see a splash view when I go into apps, and I never realized that Launch time to get in touch with new users or tell what’s new to old users has become a new thing.
  2. Feeback, I notice the status information in my mail inbox but I didn’t realize that it was implemented in other kinds of apps to make users know what’s happening in the app subtly in the toolbar.
  3. Colorblindness, most of the time I design according to the theme but now I realized to consider all user’s vision.

About Me
Hello, my name is Aim. I come from Bangkok, Thailand and I am a visual designer, a front-end developer, a researcher, and an aimer for change.





Food App:

For my food app project, I am creating an app called Baby Balanced to solve the problem that my sister is having with her 9 months old son who appears to be underweight.

The app will assist mothers to balance their baby’s food intake, featuring a meal planner, a lot of recipes that will give the number of calories the baby needs and a tracker to observe the pattern of food intake for her child.

App Map

Detailed Wireframe


Week 1 – Franky Wang

Franky Wang

My name is Franky Wang, I started my career as a designer in Beijing, China. During my past several years of study, I have been trying to break myself from traditional culture atmosphere through the trend of modern art and design.

I have a strong awareness of designer’s social responsibility, especially when they are playing a role to lead a better life for people. In this case, I managed to create works for the public which could be both educational, and creative.

APP map assignment

I created a food APP called DishExpo, in which users can take photos of their favorite dishes from restaurants, post it and recommend it to other users. By editing the simple information of the dish and the restaurant, every user becomes a dish referral. Because of people’s appreciation for elegant looks of nice dishes, the APP in return gives users a direct choice purely according to the photos of dishes.


3 things I didn’t know from the Apple HIG or the Material Design Guidelines

1 – Three Navigation Styles

+++Hierarchical Navigation

One choice per screen until reaching a destination. (Setting and Mail)

+++Flat Navigation

Switch between multiple content categories. (Music and App store)

+++Content-Driven or Experience-Driven Navigation

Move freely through content. (Immersive apps like games)

2 – Branding and iOS APP design

Make the app feel like an iOS app. Ensure that it’s intuitive, easy to navigate, easy to use, and focuses on content. Avoid displaying a logo throughout the app unless its necessary for providing context. This is especially important in navigation bars, where a title is more helpful.

3 – Resting Elevation of Material Design

All material objects, regardless of size, have a resting elevation, or default elevation that does not change.

How you determine the elevation of objects – their position in z-space – depends on the content hierarchy you want to express and whether an object needs to move independently of other objects.

Week1 HW- Kelsey (Yue Yu)

                                                Kelsey (Yue Yu)

Kelsey's undergraduate background is digital media art and design.She always been immersing herself in where the most cutting-edge design coming from. She is in an interdisciplinary area between design and technology. After getting touch with graphic design, animation production, UI/UX, she dedicated to
innovatecommunication and interactive method, which sometimes can shape users' behavior. 

Project1 App Map

Project1 wireframe

3 things I didn’t know from the Apple HIG or the Material Design Guidelines

  1. How to use P3colore space to enhance visual experience
  2. Auto-layout
  3. Question about the sentence: “Content behavior can be independent of the behavior of material.”

For February 1, 2018

  • Review the syllabus to understand class expectations and what we’re doing this semester.

Create a blog post with:

  • 3 things you didn’t know from the Apple HIG or the Material Design Guidelines
  • A selfie and a short bio
  • An app map and detailed wire frames: Using you sketches from class, create an app map and wireframe for your app. You may use hand drawn or create digital wireframes. Group 1 will present. Each person will have about 10 minutes to present and get feedback.
  • Both groups should create paper prototypes to test next week: print your detailed wireframes at phone size to test. Digital prototypes are NOT to be used.

From class today:

Class protocol things:

  • Register for the blog and make your blog username your real name (first or first + last name)
  • Start posting #thursdayapps. You need to post at least one before midterm, and one between midterm and the end of the semester.
  • You can put everything from each week into one blog post
  • Your work only counts if it’s on the blog.