User insights:

  1. The processing bar on the “SHOP” view is clear enough so there is no need to have an extra view to show the details. Also, “remained” should be “remain”.
  2. The icon to add recipes in the shopping cart does not make much sense. An “add” icon may work.
  3. The color of the shopping cart checking button should be consistent.
  4. The first page of “SHOP” is not that efficient. More useful information should be shown on that view.

Final prototype



inkHunter is an AR mobile app for people to virtually “try on” various tattoos. By drawing a cross on the skin you want to have a tattoo on, you could easily preview the tattoo via the inkHunter.

Basically it is a simple app with this only feature, but I feel that it is great example to combine the AR technology with the mobile app in the real life. Users could select their favorite tattoos in the Gallery and tap on “Try” to try whatever tattoos they like.

Week 4

User Insights


1. Clock Icon – Still does not look like clickable button
also, the Reset Button on the timer screen does not seem clickable.

2. Pictures of the food do not look appetizing.

3. Two search parts have to be combined, so people do not get confused.

4. Still need a Home button so people can go back to the main page while reading step pages for the people who are not cooking but just exploring the recipes.


‘Alarmy’ is an alarm application, which ensures an easy start to the day by forcing you out of bed.

There are several activities you can choose.

1. Take a Picture -Move to a specific location.
You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the only way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and go take a photo of the registered area. This function also helped people to connect to make habits in the morning naturally. For example, take a picture of the book they have to read, or take a picture of email account, so it helps people to read a book or check email every morning when they get up.

2. Shake – Physically exert yourself.
People have to shake the phone until they reach their preset goal to dismiss Shake Mode alarms. Their body could use some exercise in the mornings.

3. Solve a Math Problem – This activity allows for people to wake up the brain, as well as the body.
Solve some math to stop their alarm. For example, easy math problems: (61 X 8) + 12 is a lot harder in bed. They can customize the level of difficulty and number of questions to solve in the morning.

Week 3&4–Yao Huang

  • Things from last week
  1. tap buttons were still confused.
  2. the “filters” button were too complicated.
  3. the selections in “profile” page were too messy, and the bookmark icon should be changed.
  4. Also, in “order status” page should add a estimate time.
  5. when the users getting started to order something, the amount of the food should add to cart together by using the “add to cart” button.
  6. give stronger connections between each page.

Visual Design:

Digital Prototype:




WK5_Yin Hu

User insights from digital prototyping:

From class:

Dish tab:

1. some hierarchy and consistency issues in the top three part.

a)What’s the most important thing among the health status, delivery address, and the search bar? Try to simplify it.

b) Current health status seems that you could tap it and type something.

7days is not clear enough

The “add records” button? Why it exists here?

c) Refine button, why it’s red?

2. the change view button, try to use a clear pattern, don’t make users feel confused.

3. Dish Details view

The applicable people part. Perhaps you could say that this is applicable to the user.


Health Data tab:

  1. What’s the relationship between the current health status and the calendar? The current health status is not so necessary here.
  2. The privacy protection part. Is that necessary? since the health status could be seen in the dish tab. Refer to the HIG fingerprint part.

Push Notification:

Consider humanization. Such as encouragement.

The whole:

Some text is not clear enough. Consider the size of the typography, especially the size of buttons. (confirm button, change the quantity button)

The sizes of icons in the tab bars are not the same.

Final Version App map

Final version Visual design

digital prototype final Version


Feedback from 1st March presentation

1.Since the health data is important, don’t use reminder page( at most time, users just ignore it). The first time the user uses this app, fill the health data view should be the first thing come out. refer to the baby food app.

2.in the dish details page, the user is likely to don’t know the meaning of the green background. Just repeat the recommended might be helpful.

3.in the health data tab, is the calendar necessary? simplify it. lists

4.is the privacy protection necessary?



Week 4 || Frannie

User test feedback:

  1. The position of the recipe’s name was confusing, should be move either higher or lower in order to identify the recipe.
  2. What about ingredients like salt, and green onions in the recipe? Should there be recommendation for user based on these ingredients?
  3. There should be title for options in the recommend based on category/ingredient page.
  4. Text are too small.


Digital Prototype:


Week3 User Insights

Insights from Users and Research.

1. From the user test, people told me for busy people; maybe they do not need time filter specifically. They aim to make food quick. Think about another filter which can be helpful for them.

2. And people asked me “Is there any popular recipe or recommendation recipe?”

3. Think about the menu. (No need drink, dessert, or appetizer for this app.)

During my research, I found out that there are not many recipes that only takes 5minutes or 10minutes so, I decided to provide a recipe, which takes less than 40minutes. And I made a new filter that users can put the ingredients they have at home, or they want to eat. After their inputs, the app will recommend four recipes based on ingredients they choose.


Digital Prototype