Final presentation – Weather Pals – iPhone + Apple Watch – by Brandon and me

Here is our slides for the final presentation:

weather pals Presentation


This is our interactive prototype for iPhone:

This is our interactive prototype for Apple Watch:


Here are all the screens:

iphone:iPhone weatherpals

Apple Watch:


Apple Watch app – Weather Pal

Brandon and I created an Apple Watch version’s Weather Pal. Here is all of the views:


Here is the interactive prototype:


Feedback we got:

1, change the background to black because it saves battery

2, no need for the “get location” function

3, no need to show schedule for different month, maybe today and tomorrow is enough

4, add achievements into the experience

#Thursdayapp Westy West by Marcelo Barce

This is a game that created by Marcelo Barce using Unity. It gives you an opportunity to explore downtime as whoever you; like sheriff, cowboy, or as a native worrier. Your mission is to rescue people from the black hat gang! Westy West is fun and easy to play. You will be glued to your phone for hours enjoying the game.

The most astounding feature about this game is its exploration aspect giving you opportunities to defeat your enemies, obstacles, and challenges. You have to overcome all these in order to move to the next level. Levels have banks, deserts, towns, saloons, gun shops you can enter into and buy tools to be used to rescue innocent lives from the hands of the Black Hat Gang. You should take precaution as you explore the Wild West due to the presence of snakes, wild horses, and traps on the way.

As any other action game, there are consequences for all your actions in Westy West. For instance, shooting an innocent person will increase your wanted ratings. This will attract more cops who will strive to hunt you down. When you shoot a piano guy in the saloon, all the dancing girls will come to a halt assuring you that this is a reality game.

There are townspeople strolling around as well as banks where you can walk inside and collect money, blacksmith to buy weapons and the wanted gang to track and find for a reward. You are rewarded with money after surviving for long. The money gained can be used to buy new characters, weapons and updated skills.


Monster Calendar – visual and paper prototype

Three things we learned from paper prototyping:

1. We need an achievement view to give rewards and encourage users to go through their days

2. someone suggested to add a checklist function in reminders

3. some users want to call the person who they are going to meet directly from the app, so we added call and text function in the reminders


Here is our visual design for Monster Weather.

monster calendar

Interactive prototype:


Apple TV app – Paper Prototype and Final Delivery – Food Diary

User testing and final delivery is here:



apple tv final food diary

There things I learned from user testing and paper prototype:

1. Make food pictures as screen savers is not popular in demand so I decided to add a food delivery function

2. The home view is not so clear and unorganized, so I added featured food and categories

3. Someone said that he wants to view all the restaurants he had been, and since I added the food delivery function, this suggestion reminds me to add one more view to view history orders.



Final Prototype for 3/9: Food Diary

After user testing and feedback from last class, I added more icons to make it more clear to users that which part they can edit on the editing post view.

I also altered the ways that how to go through pictures on “my diaries” view, so that it is consistent to the main discovery view and users won’t get confused.

In order to make it easier to find certain dish on the diaries view, I also added a different way to display all the pictures by switching the icon on the right up corner.

Here is all the screenshots of my app:

food diary final

Here is the link to the interactive prototype on Marvel:


#thursdayplay Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Milkmaid of the Milky Way is a classic puzzle adventure game by solo developer Mattis Folkstead created with Unity. The story is very interesting. In the game, you are playing Ruth, a young woman living alone on a remote farm in a faraway fjord in 1920’s Norway, trying to save her cows from aliens. All the dialogue is written in rhyme, and the story has a certain melancholy to the whole affair, about time passing and losing loved ones.

The scenes in this game is beautiful. It’s a curious mixture between low-resolution, old-school pixel art, but with some surprisingly detailed backgrounds and scenery. To solve the puzzles, you need to explore all the scenes, tap on different characters and listen to their stories, and collect key items to help you go through certain area.

The soundtrack is also amazing. They fit with the story and change constantly when the story goes on. Playing through the whole story took me about two hours, and it was an amazing experience. I would recommend it to anyone who loves adventure games and interested in sci-fi.

Some screenshots:


Prototype 4 for Week 6- visuals and interactive

Based on more user test and feedback, I changed the theme color since blue is too cold for a food app. I add more navigation text to make it clear, which view is the user’s profile and which view is the discovery channel. I also deleted the function that can change background color in post edit view.

Here is the link to interactive prototype on Marvel: