#thursdayplay 2 / Steve






Steve is a very simple game application for iOS. It is too simple that it is just a swipe away. Swiping down the Today menu on an iPhone, the user will have quick easy access to Steve without having to look for it. Adding it to the “Today” menu happens once the user downloads it and then it can be accessed easily. The app starts when the user taps to play, then Steve the dinosaur has to jump over obstacles simply by tapping on the screen each time a cactus (the obstacle) is close. The scoreboard keeps adding up points until Steve hits something then it is immediately “Game Over” – similar to Flappy Bird in a way. I love how this simple UI is accompanied by almost a seamless interaction to access the app.

Apple Tv Paper Prototyping in Class


Paper prototyping for Food Scout on Apple TV was pretty useful. User testing in class, I realized I can enhance the interaction with the video. I wanted the information to show about the food item when the user pauses the video. But this step did not seem intuitive and instead, some information that fade out when the video starts playing could be an indication that there’s an interaction when paused. I will have to user test this aspect as well.

#thursdayplay / Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash is a game that I started playing recently. It would be really enjoyable for foodies or anyone who gets excited about cooking or eating in general. The goal of the game is to cook and serve all customers at a chosen restaurant. Each level is time based and has a goal to make a specific number of money. When all the levels are completed the user can open a new restaurant. I enjoyed playing the game for a while and got pretty hooked even though it can get a bit stressful. But later on it seemed that it is impossible to do upgrades without purchasing coins because the ones collected just from playing are not enough. Sometimes each level gives the player a certain recipe with instructions. The instructions never show again, so if the player forgets the recipe it is almost impossible to remember without going online.

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