I want to share this simple video editing app ” Quik” (original it was called Replay, they just got new update to this name on May 3rd)





Originally I was trying to find a simple video editing app on my phone and I have downloaded a few to try. I like this app more than the others because it is very simple to use and make your video look good. You basically just choose a theme you like ( chosen by filter on visual, and a background music goes along with it.) You may not have much accessibility to choose the music or do some adjustment, but I think I would like to use it whenever I don’t have much time to edit on detail. It  just simply makes a theme for you with some good frame transition.

images-1 screen1136x1136

Peeple Map- Final Presentation

Group: Ray Hung / Albee Kang

Project#3- Peeple Map-Final Presentaion

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.14.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.19.10 PM









  1. Adding appx. waiting time for each toilet?
  2. On the detail profile, adding the facility hour would work for me.
  3. Since there is a feature to create my account, if I can set a default searching needs that will be easier for me instead of  searching every single time.
  4. When showing the result on a map, adding the direction guide with appx. arrival time might be a good visual way to help to choose which location to go.
  5. To show a broad list of info and narrow down later and later would be helpful to me.
  6. I would use it!!

Project 03: Peeple Map-App Map & Wireframes

Group: Ray and Albee

  • Concept

Peeple Map – A Toilet Navigation App

We want to provide a simple way for everyone finding a public bathroom or restroom anytime, anywhere. We also ofter easy search features including by gender, baby friendly and wheelchair friendly. Users with a registered account can also rate  your experience on a toilet you have been. 

  • App Map

App Map 

  • Wireframe

Wireframe_bee_updated-01 Wireframe_bee_updated-02 Wireframe_bee_updated-05 Wireframe_bee_updated-06 Wireframe_bee_updated-08




  • User insight
  1. When I search a restroom, it would be great if I can set a filter to search for a certain range of started restroom.
  2. What is the “More” do under the profile pop-up?
  3. A direction guide will be great.

“ingredipedia tvOS

<From last week Paper Prototype>

  •  Title of each drop down menu… not clear
  •  The food trend is like commercial use. ( I would expect something trustable and no ADs, if I use your app)
  • Home and Garden? try something like “ Food Process ”, or “Food Story”

IMG_0417   IMG_0416







Final design for tvOS ( pdf )

< Presentation Feedback >

  1.  Fonction of “My Wishlist” is quite overlapped with “Saved”.
  2. “WISHLIST ” ?! => Watch List
  3. Where to go back to the last page  from watching video? A button ?( UPDATE !! actually down swipe the control pad will drag down the top menu.)
  4. “Everyday Basics” => is an interesting section, instead of categorized order , maybe show top 5 video of each categories is more attracted (invited) people to keep going on your app.
  5. “I like the design, clean! “
  6. ” hmm.. Some of the Single Video page is small to me. “
  7. from your video detail page, if people finish watching, and then?…. adding a short “Recommendation List” or ” You may like list” for people to continue.



#ThursdayPlays !!

I found this app “Quest: Level Up Your Life” as a new way that helps you organize your daily agenda or to-do list ( like Reminder on iPhone, but in a much more appealing way).  

We often find normal To- Do lists boring and a waste of time. But this app takes the mechanic from video game as the motivation, instead of regular progress bar. This way is more interested and attached (or even addicted) to organize your to-do list. 

from link to App Store

Food app – ingredipedia


User insights

  • Would you add some features of search saving or something like bookmark?
  • Search is only for nutrition and ingredient? What if you can offer some information of popular brand, such as Starbucks?
  • For those information you provide, I think some of those terms should go even simpler that everyone  can understand easily.
  • If some of those information can be shared via text message or social media?

Presentation (pdf)  // marvelapp