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“Finally the overly attached girlfriend has her app”

Couple me!

This is an interesting and creepy app at the same time. I think the video in the main page could have shown a different scenario. If the app shows a long distance relationship interacting with it I find it more interesting. I’m not a person of stereotypes but the app only appeals to me for a needy relationship where I need to be constantly in contact with my girlfriend. How about missing your significant other; that is also a very important part of the relationship. Needless to say, it looks like a clustered of different features that other apps have. I think the concept and the pitch could have been better and really hit the right scenario.

M & M Final Ideas

Here are our three ideas:

1. Pearls and Oysters

There’s something very liberating (and often more enlightening) when seeking advice from an absolute stranger. With this app you can post personal qualms for other users to respond to, and in turn offer up your own pearls of wisdom. Each user creates a profile (real/alter ego) including personality traits, life facts, interests, experiences, random fields of knowledge etc (pretty much anything you think could be relevant). This data is then used to filter/direct the visibility of your posts to different users, if so desired (a randomize option is also available). You may want to gain support from like-minded individuals, or perhaps search for complete opposites to understand another perspective. You can request users that are known for lengthy, empathetic, in-depth responses (pearls) or for more of a brief, brutally honest hit (oysters). You can tag keywords, save and ‘favoritize’ users you like, and build your own reputation/’fame’ through ratings and comments.

2. Buddy Bet

Betting is fun. Especially amongst friends, over utterly ridiculous situations. This app allows you to create your own betting ‘events’ and invite friends to join in. Users choose from a library of betting frameworks (from the traditional 50/50 scenario/two-possible outcomes to intricate betting competitions with multiple stages) assign your own rewards and punishments, and enable/disable editing capabilities to ‘up-the-ante’ along the way.

3. Pulse Game

Using a technology similar to Cardiograph, the idea is to have a game where people use their hear rate to interact with others. Players will download the app, select an avatar and fight their friends. Perhaps the game dynamic could be something as the Pokemon Game; when attacking their Avatars can level up and when fight their attacks would be linked to their users pulse. The idea for the game is to create a dynamic that is related to the physicality of the users.


Morgan & Mauricio



cookWhere presentation



User test

During the user test and final feedback interesting comments were made. In the home page the icon that goes to the list had the logo of the app next to it. So the two elements were the button. This proved confusing for the user, he thought they were to separate elements. So I just let the stripes that symbolize the list element.

Also at the end, I just realized that when shopping different items from different stores it will be better to have a pick up and delivery button in each item instead of having it at the end. We might be in a situation where I purchase 5 items from 4 different stores. So I want to have the possibility to select from which I want delivery or pick up. This is something to have into consideration for a further iteration.

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Navigation Map



Wireframes – Second Round

wireframesSo after visiting the Global Kitchen Exhibition at the Museum of Natural History. I decided to change my idea. I want to do something definitely more focused to those people who are very passionate about cooking and like to try new stuff. And realize how ingredients are important for several reasons.  So this app is very similar to Amira’s. but I really want to focus in certain aspects of the ingredients. One is price and the other two are organic and local. Also as a business model I thought of Seamless and Grub Hub.

When it comes to something in particular, we think about 4- 7 ingredients that might not actually get at the regular Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s. Let’s say you want to try Ethiopian food, and you want to cook a recipe you saw in the internet or that a friend gave you. Well what if based on your location you can find those ingredients you are missing, and what if you can purchase them online. Also, this application could give the chance to become familiar with those secret places that have the right thing you are looking for. This is a first round of Wireframes, of course the idea could be expanded to all this benefits I was mentioning.