Freebox 2.0 | Final Presentation

It has been quiet a learning experience for both Dana and me in developing our project Freebox 2.0 by implementing our understand from mobile media and design for usability class , to help us iterate our app design better and to make informed decision in the whole process. You can find more details form the previous post mentioned below.

Final Presentation

Here is the link to the Freebox FinalPresentation

Interactive prototypes 



Thursday Plays # Knock Knock



Knock Knock is contact sharing app which aims to remove the awkwardness in asking for the contact of a person you  just met in a party or school . One can initiate contact sharing by knocking twice on the phone(assuming that the other person you want to share your contact with has the app already). This gesture brings up the knock knock app , even when the screen is locked.This app uses the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to enable that gesture even when locked.On the app, you can see only the people who have Knock Knock installed and who are within Bluetooth range. You can tap the person and they will get a knock notification on their phone. From there, they can either choose to connect with you or not, and you can also select just what information about yourself you want to share.

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FreeBox 2.0| Wireframes Part – II


Last week, we submitted a new iteration of FreeBox after receiving the below feedback:

  • Inbox and notifications is still a problem for people.  Users were confused why it was under the “Me” tab.
  • The drop-down menu on the “post message” page to set tags is confusing. Rather then be visible when adding them
  • Want more in-between screens to help show how to set notifications etc.
  • Alerts would be a better name than notifications

You can  read the our previous post on regarding this iterative process with our wireframes here.

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Project 2

My 1st project STORE IT cannot be expanded to the TVOS platform due to its functionality and goals. As Drew suggested I would be taking an existing app (which is not already in apple tv app store)and will expand it to the TVOS platform. I researched a lot of food apps on the app store and finally chose All Recipes Video cookbook app , due to the nature of the content , which i though will be more appropriate for the living room environment.

Here is the link to my Presentation Project 2

Thursday Plays # Think (Game)

                                         Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.58.07 PM

Think is a Visual puzzle game , where the player is asked to guess the word that the icons represents . This can be in a way called the virtual pictionary. This game has different chapters  like “Action” , ” Movie names” , “proverbs” etc. The difficulty level increases as the player progresses . The player gets access to 3 free hints to help them move forward in the game. This game has a very minimalist characteristics on design and strong visuals that engage the user.  Its a really engrossing game and got me hooked up for hours together . It was a free game when I initially downloaded it . You guys should really try this game.

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Project 1: Store It

Store It is an application designed to create knowledge about the available storage facilities  around the area and aid the farmers store their crop in proper facilities with better conditions.

Here is the link to the Presentation : Mobile Media project-1

I have also included my feedback from the user testing in the presentation with both the iterations (before and after)