Jason Kim – Prototyping + presentation session

Prototyping session with Hazel + class critique of presentation

Wireframe feedback1

Mockup feedback2

POP Prototyping tool feedback34

Feedback Results:

Hazel thought the concept was good but, like everyone else in the class, did not like the “shake” function. As it was a very last minute addition, I have no problems with deleting the shake function as a whole. šŸ™

Other feedbacks to implement for next prototype are:

– Concentrate more towards my specific user regarding purchasing of ingredients. (People usually don’t go to groceries just to buy ingredients for one meal)

– Add a small timer so that people can go to the next steps instead of waiting for # minutes.

– Adding pictures, instead of cartoon drawings, are better for people to realize exactly what the ingredient looks like.

– Clearly indicate, with picture, if the ingredient is raw or cooked, etc.

– In measurements of ingredients, comparison method? (cup, tablespoon, teaspoon)





Jun Sik (Jason) Kim – Stepe Food App Wireframes

Stepe: Playful Step by Step Food Recipe App for Really Real Beginners.

This App is really for people who just started cooking. People can choose a menu and get introduced to its ingredients and directions of cooking. The ingredients section provides in-depth information regarding the ingredients such as “2 cups diced chicken,” and “3 teaspoons peanut butter.” People like myself, who first started cooking, only had a vague idea of what diced meant and also was not fond of and comfortable with the measurements of a cup, teaspoon, tablespoon, etc. Simply put, this app is a recipe app for dummies. People like myself no longer need to google something when looking at the recipe directions. People can also use this app to keep track of what ingredients they have or bought through the ingredients tab. The App also provides focused step by step cooking instructions. It also provides a timer for the steps that require time measurement.

Stepe Wireframewireframes

Stepe Mockupmockup


Here is my POP prototype!


Food App Ideas – Jason Kim

App Idea 1:Ā 


I remember when I first came to New York, I really had no idea how to order food. Back in South Korea, we would never have so many options. In Korea, whenever I went to a restaurant, or even a fast food restaurant, I would always order a set meal or a meal where I did not have to know every single ingredient. When I came to New York, it took me more than a year to order my first salad. In front of me was a whole selection of ingredients that I could put into my salad but I didn’t know most of their names. Even now, I still order them by saying “Can I have this, or can I have that.” I still really don’t know the different names of types of greens or cheese. I would love to design an aesthetic and informative app that will let people understand the different types of ingredients that go into a salad, a sandwich, or anything else. If I typed “Salad,” then I would get a selection of ingredients and also get tips for which ingredients would go well together. Maybe I’d also like to put different nutrition information for the different ingredients as well.

App Idea 2:

I enjoy cooking but sometimes when I want to cook something, I simply do not know where or how to start. There are millions of how-to instructions online but there isn’t really an app that teaches you in an intense step-by-step manner where one page of an app is literally dedicated to one step. I would like to design an app where it says something so obvious like “Step 1: Wash Carrots.” I think it will be playful and informative at the same time for absolute beginners. Along with providing a in-depth step by step method of cooking, I would also like to incorporate a stop watch that enables people to know when frying or boiling is complete. Although it may seem over-functional, people like me who need exact timing directions can use this app. There would be a timer that will indicate 6:00 minutes of boiling and an alarm will sound when the boiling is done.


Ramen timer App

As an example, I cook ramen a lot but it’s really time-wasting to stay in front of your boiling pot for six minutes doing nothing. And although you can see the clock, peopleĀ are sometimes forgetful so an alarm may be useful.