Weather Pals | ISO & WatchOS | Final


These are our final iterations. From our last critique we had received feedback on the main IOS view. The time slider needs to have a reset button so the user can easily get back to the current time. Also we need to find a system to continue to reward the users, because over time we will run out of ideas to reward the users. Overall this was a great opportunity to hack away at our previous iterations.

Apple Watch | Three Things I Learned | Brandon Palmer

Three things I learned from our WatchOS critique. First the color of the background needs to be changed from white to black. WatchOS uses black as the default background because it takes up less power. Second, achievements are a huge part of our app. We need to add proper notifications in order for the user to experience their rewards. Third, fantastical uses a method where it sends your upcoming appointments through notifications. We would like to adopt this method, so it give the user the incentive to glance at their “look” view while tracking their appointments.

Brandon Palmer | Three Things Learned | 2nd Iteration | Weather App

Three things I learned from our second Iteration of our weather/calendar app is that the swipe functionality doesn’t work.

Swiping Error:
When we swipe down our initial intention was to display our calendar and weather view. The issue with this is the top bar. It displays the date without transitioning from the main view.

The Solution would consist of developing an animated bar to appear, or to readjust our nav.

Temperature or Time? Error
Our main view consisted of a transitional bar that allows the user to scale between day and night. Indicating the weather on a timely basis. The problem that the user becomes confused with the colors. The specific colors we chose were blue and orange, they need to be changed.

The Navigation
The third error we stubbled upon was the navigation. Our main Tab Bar would take the user to an identical view as if they were scrolling down to our weather/calendar.

Remove the Tab Bar, or change the view. This was a repetitive problem that was addressed above, yet it is an ongoing problem that creates dysfunctionality multiple sections.


#Thursday App | King Rabbit | Brandon Palmer

Image result for king rabbit

King Rabbit is an IOS game developed by RareSloth. This game uses puzzle based mechanics in order to complete each stage. Although the mechanics are similar to Frogger, which makes the game attractive. The usability for this app is complicated. The menu view is confusing to get around, the icons don’t symbolize their functionality, and the payment system is scattered. Overall I enjoy playing this game because I am into puzzle games. But there is much work that needs to be addressed to further develop this game.

For May 11, 2017

  • Iterate on both your app and add on based on feedback and user testing. You’ll present both to outside critics for your final presentation.
  • Post any and all of your assignments on the blog that you have not yet. Everything should be posted before class starts. As always, if it’s not on the blog, you don’t get credit.

For May 4, 2017

  • Choose your own add on. Create an AppleTV, Apple Watch, iMessage, or Voice design for your app. Both groups 1 & 2 will present next week.
  • Double check that all of your work is on the blog. If it’s not on the blog, you don’t get credit. For your group work, you can post it under one person, just make sure both people are mentioned.
  • You need to have at least 2 total #thursdayplays/#thursdayapps posts

Brandon Palmer | Three Things I learned from the critique | Weather & Calendar App

Problem 1 | Calendar Events

The first thing our group learned from this weeks critique was that our app needs to connect the calendar events to the reward system. There is a major loop hole in which users can easily check off their events to gain points. (Not Good)

Problem 2 | Animations

The second problem that needs iteration pertains to the functionality of our animated character. When the user interacts with the time dial. The sequential transition of the character stays the same as the local weather. Creating misalignment with the modified times.

Problem 3 | Achievements

The main hook of our application that separates it from competitors are the unique characters. The user can be rewarded for new accessories that can either treat or torture your weather buddy.

Main focus

Overall our main objective is to connect the characters to the calendar events giving the users the incentive to complete their daily goals.


Brandon Palmer | TVOS FINAL | Things I learned from critique feedback

Concept: Superb TVOS is an alternative meal preparation app in addition to the IOS variation. Superb TVOS focuses on video content and meal browsing as its own identity. After presenting my final iterations, I have gained various feedback. First off, Superb TVOS doesn’t allow users to purchase meals. Instead it allows users to view existing meals and favorite them. Which directly sends data to the ISO version, allowing users to purchase from the ISO cart. The TVOS version also allows the user to sign up for a membership service in order to receive video content.

Error: TVOS should only focus on video content and membership services instead of mixing favoriting. This conclusively simplifies functionality while making the experience separate from the ISO version.

Error: Filtering video content and favoriting specific videos would be beneficial for users to further interact with the apps functionality. It makes sense for individuals to have complete control over their membership services.

Error: The content on the top portion of the meal screen should direct the users to view all of the video content. Instead the meal screen focuses on both favoriting meals and videos. And there is no way to view all of the meal options, which is a problem. Further implementations would be to remove meal viewing, and focus primarily on video content.