neatycutey – second wireframe & paper prototype in class

this is my second wireframe, fixed
apple tv second wireframe


after prototype in class,
apple tv prototype

user insights

  •  There were lots of designs that needed fixing. One of them were applying filter page, which users had difficulty understanding how to apply filters.
  •  For the tab menu(on top), I made a several changes in wireframe 1, 2 and after user testing. Unlike websites, search function has to be in the menu. I tried to integrate the filter and search function together, but lots of apps use “categories” tab menu to distinguish between “search” and “filter”.
  •  For the page layouts, it was difficult to choose which one to show and not to show. Some users didn’t like showing the length of the video, also they asked me to add how many people viewed the video. When they have nothing in mind, users look for videos that are “most viewed” by different people.
  •  Also, setting the page of “home” was difficult.(what to show, how to select a video and go back) Apple distinguished “home” as a “feature” page which shows most viewed content so I took the design and applied it to mine. I liked the simplicity of accessing the “most viewed” contents without going to a tap named “most viewed”.

Gi – Final food art app(neatycutey)

the presentation pdf includes first app map, second app map, and final app map with detail pages

Final presentation

iphone prototype


User Insights: 

  • upload have to be simple and easy to use
  • it is hard to make a food while taking pictures, so probably users will create instructions after taking all the pictures/video
  • user groups can be different than what I think(I thought of mostly housewife, age group of 20’s, 30’s and 50~60’s who has a time to spend on foods). it could be youngsters who want to post their ideas and share it with friends.

some of the questions that came up while testing :
– does people look at video more or photo? videos
– can they edit video properly?
– who will use this app?

GI – thursdayplay – penny

for the thursdayplay, I’m reviewing an app called “Penny”,
it’s a finance app that shows you how much money you spent and all that finance stuff by messaging. It’s more Interesting than “Mint”, mint just shows you statistics but “Penny” makes a conversation with you.

app thursdayplays review2

homepage and an article about Penny
Penny Is A Chat-Based Personal Finance Coach



food art app designed prototype + user testing


I did the user-testing and here’s what I found

  • they tried to tap and used other gestures(like swipe) to navigate and they got frustrated because they were expecting some gestures that would normally work and it didn’t.
    (for the moment, I used only tap without adding other gestures for the prototype so that’s why)
  • some of them said the design could be better
  • some of them could not navigate what they are looking for. (for example, I asked them to upload video and some of them could not find it)

What I learned from making paper prototype is that before I design details, I can show the interface and the app flow. For example, where the icons are, what will be the user flow or user experience of having the app and navigate. So it is better for designers to do user test before going into full detail page, in this way, we don’t lose time.

this is my app map and detail viewsAPPMAP

detail view

my app( only tapping..)

This is a prototype tool, it didn’t allow me to add “swipe up” and “swipe down” at the same location so I just made everything tappable to make it simpler. However, I found that was frustrating for the users because they were looking for normal behavior like swiping up and down, right and left.(I need to change that)