Yue and Jasmine – Lynda’s Learning Paths App Prototype 01

This is our first Lynda Learning Path’s App

Here are some user insights:
1) Saving individual courses vs. entire learning paths

2) Button sizes should be tappable
– “Add to favorites” button

3) Learning Paths should be prioritized over individual courses, thus it may be beneficial to explore this as our “Home” page.

4) Rewards
– What does this look like?
– Users have a tendency to view their own profile more than others. How can we make this space provide the feeling of accomplishment and encouragement to achieve more (CTA – try more learning paths)

5) Consistent Tab Bar

7) Examine user flow for Free Trial

8) Does “Home” have to be called “Home”? Consider a new verb that instantly associates with what users expect.

9) Streamline the business learning path for an iPhone app, while the programming learning path can be demonstrated in our Apple TV app.

Next steps:
– Improve upon these insights
– Create an Apple TV app

Digital Prototype: Lens_Cathy & Jin

LENS is a video search, watch, and share app. It allows users to watch videos in three-dimensional space (Virtual Reality)  




  1. Hamburger menu is not strong for the purpose of letting people see more videos
  2. More detailed classifications for companies, like Disney junior
  3. Renaming “Subscription”, because it leads to confusion (channel subscription or subscribe the app); we are deciding to rename the channel subscription to “Following”


Wireframe Presentation – MobileMediaGroupPresentation1

User Interface Presentation – MobileMediaGroupPresentation2

User Insights:

1. Sign-In should have Sign-In options other than Facebook Sign-In, in case users do not have Facebook Account.

2. Add friends should have the option to add ALL friends, instead of adding one by one.

3. On profile page, there needs to be a button to “scan other people’s code”.

4. On chat window, the other person’s and your chats should be reverse.

Stamped App [Pengpeng & Douglas]

Since the last round of prototyping the user insights we corrected were making the tagged stories interaction more seamless and agile while removing any confusion from the previous iteration. We also removed the hamburger menu button as we moved the functions of adding friends through the friends button on the home screen. We decided to update the story editor to have an automatic compilation function, but another insight we received was to create a more automated option for creating stories, such as chronological order, shuffled, while choosing image display duration and video editing speeds.



For May 5

  • Create an Apple Watch, Apple TV, or accessibility design for your app. Both groups 1 & 2 will present next week.
  • Double check that all of your work is on the blog. If it’s not on the blog, you don’t get credit. For your group work, you can post it under one person, just make sure both people are mentioned.
  • You need to have at least 2 total #thursdayplays/#thursdayapps posts

Free Box 2.0 | The Return

Introducing FreeBox 2.0

Posting this a little late (had trouble with Mobile Media blog), so have been hosting on my own blog.


Here are our wireframes & background explanation for Freebox 2.0. We will post our redesigns shortly for the next step, still collating some more user testing before summing up last rounds changes.

As always, you can also see the full post on Dana Marten’s blog.

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Shine – Prototype for design (Soomi, Angela)

Here’s our Marvel digital prototypes:
First part (Portrait): https://marvelapp.com/2gc1a0j
Second part (Landscape): https://marvelapp.com/1hef947

User insights:

  • The view history button is confusing — maybe just use text.
  • There should be a warning (replacing the previous record) when the retry button tapped in recording view.
  • The “Got it” button in the last view of intro seems not very touchable — maybe use different color.
  • Apple watch sync should direct user to apple watch app.
  • Info view should also indicate user should be in a quite room when recording.

Shine – Slides, Wireframe (Soomi, Angela)

Here’s our slides of Shine for wireframe: Shine_wf1

And Marvel digital prototype: https://marvelapp.com/c1id8h

User insights:

  • The metronome view seems not tap-able
  • The practice button is red as well as record button, which let user feels like it is recording during practice — so if it is not recording, the button shouldn’t be red.
  • There should be some function about playing first note and count in to help user practice.
  • The song lists would be easier to view in portrait mode.
  • There should be an option for Treble / Bass clefs.

Project 03: Peeple Map-App Map & Wireframes

Group: Ray and Albee

  • Concept

Peeple Map – A Toilet Navigation App

We want to provide a simple way for everyone finding a public bathroom or restroom anytime, anywhere. We also ofter easy search features including by gender, baby friendly and wheelchair friendly. Users with a registered account can also rate  your experience on a toilet you have been. 

  • App Map

App Map 

  • Wireframe

Wireframe_bee_updated-01 Wireframe_bee_updated-02 Wireframe_bee_updated-05 Wireframe_bee_updated-06 Wireframe_bee_updated-08




  • User insight
  1. When I search a restroom, it would be great if I can set a filter to search for a certain range of started restroom.
  2. What is the “More” do under the profile pop-up?
  3. A direction guide will be great.