Hanyu Zhao & Chuyi Sun | phone & AppleTV | Fuzzy | Final Visual

From last time feedback:


• We changed our popular page to the top videos page and we also changed the icon for that.

• For our live video page, we added the “next live” function. If you finished this live video, after 3 seconds you will directly jump to the another live video.

• For our search page, we changed our advertisement in order to consistent the entire style.

• We put the ranking system on the “Top Video” page for simplifying videos searching.


• We changed the “Review” to ” Top Video”.

• The same as the phone, on our live video page we added the “next live” function. If you finished this live video, we gave you more live videos for you to choose. If you don’t choose any live videos then after 8 seconds you will directly jump to the another live video.

• We also changed the “like” icon to ” view” icon, so people will see how many people already viewed this page.

Here are the icons that we created:


Apple TV:

phone Marvel: https://marvelapp.com/22jfdd0/screen/28042450

Apple TV Marvel: https://marvelapp.com/5ecf8e1



Stamp Stamp Apple TV wireframe Prototype 2

According to the feedbacks from prototype 1, I revised:

• I simplified the menu list and put it on the top. (the tap bar)

• I changed the videos’ position and made people easier to find.

• I  simplified the login function.

My paper prototype test:


• no need for login

• change the icon of the “like “

Stamp Stamp Apple TV wireframe Prototype 1

Stamp Stamp Apple TV version is focusing on introduction videos from each of the restaurants. In this apple TV app, you can watch how the restaurant cooks their meal, and what kinds of the food they are providing. These videos can be played at the restaurants as their ads or looping videos.  It also can be played at the home as the background videos.


The Feedback I got:

• It was wired if the menu list is on the left. Put the menu list on the tab bar.

• The videos were not that obvious. Becuase the videos was the main things in this app, so the videos should be put in the front.

• Search bar should change a place.

• Add more connection between your phone app. (for example, if you watch the restaurant videos in serval times, you can get an additional stamp.)


PlayMemories Mobile

PlayMemories Mobile is an application to have you use it more conveniently Wi-Fi enabled camera. This application is exclusive for Sony VAIO PC. You can enjoy the following functions using PlayMemories Mobile and the Wi-Fi enabled camera.

The reason why I really love this app because I can use it as a remote control of my camera. It is not only can control the ON/OFF but also can control the exposure, focus point and zoom in and out. So because of this app, I don’t need some else to help photo or record myself. Also, the photos I take can be more natural. Besides, It also can transfer the photos and videos from a camera to PC easily. It saves my time to upload my photos and videos.

Currently, I think the functionality of this app is a little limited. So I am looking forward more and more functions can be added to this app.


The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based strategic adventure. It’s a game about ruling the world, fighting evil AI tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies. Auto generated maps make each game a new experience, with unlimited replay value. Pick and choose among different tribes. Wander in the dark cold forests of Barduria, explore the steamy Kickoo jungles or claim the lush field of the Imperius empire.

I really love this app. Firstly it is an offline game app, so I can play it while I am in the subway. The game is really attractive. In this game, you can create your own kingdom. After you develop your kingdom you can go attack and occupy other kingdoms. There are two ways that you can win the game, one is that kills all your enemies, another one is that becomes the richest and most developed kingdom. The visual part of this game is bright and colorful. I also really enjoy the user interface. The game is really easy to play and understand. I love this game.

Stamp Stamp Final Prototype

According to the feedbacks from prototype 2, I revised:

• Enlarge Text and test on the phone

• Add logout button on profile page

• Add a special icon for some restaurants which have special offers to help users get information easily.

• When you finish the all the stamps collection, all the stamps will be shining.

• Change “Sign in”  to “Create an account”.

• Delete language bar.

• Simplified tap bar to be more efficient to access on QR scanning.

• Add more restaurants sample in my prototype.

Marvel prototype: https://marvelapp.com/55104ch

Stamp Stamp Prototype 2 visual prototype _1


Marvel prototype: https://marvelapp.com/24bcg1a


• The context text is really small.

• There is no logout button on the user profile.

• Show something special marks some restaurants which have special offers to help users get information easily.

• Change another visual symbolization to symbolize when you finish collecting the stamps. The yellow color I used before looks more like a tap respond.

• Change “Sign in”  to “Create an account”. It may help users to understand easily.

• No need for language bar, because iPhone has its own language system.

• Make QR scan button more easily to access.

• Test what happened if there are more restaurants.