Monday Plays: Bang with Friends

I actually haven’t used this app, but it’s funny.

Step 1: Sign in with Facebook so you can see your friends (don’t worry – it’s discreet)!

Step 2: Pick the friends you want to Bang. We will only show your friends that you’re interested if they are too!

Step 3: Message Each Other. Once we know you’re both down, we’ll send you both an email – when and where is up to you!

Step 4: B-a-n-g. Yup, that’s right. Slow, fast, rough, or soft you decide how it goes. Stay safe!

It seems like you would just say you want to bang everyone so you can see who chose you. I wonder how they get around that. I guess that would make for an awkward situation though because then that person would actually think you want to bang them.

Amira and Michael’s Ideas

Bizarre Eats Game

People think that a lot of foods are “weird.” To push people out of their boundaries, we would make a mobile game where people compete against their friends to eat the weirdest thing. Would need to somehow find a way to appeal to people who aren’t interested in trying new things. 

Digital Geocaching ( A Treasure Hunting Game )

Players search for interesting geocaches that “hold” digital objects using the application. When the cache is found they can take the object and replace with something of their own.( 1. Find the cache 2.Sign the logbook 3. Replace or add the Cache )

Options: Play with friends  or Play with Strangers

Eat Everywhere Final Documentation

Loading Screen

I love to try food from different cultures. I’ve always thought it would be fun/nice/helpful to have a map where I record where the food I eat originates, which is how my idea for this application was formed. By making it a mobile app rather than a printed map, I and other people like me will be able to include details about the meal, access the map on the go, learn about the food/culture before trying it, and more. I initially considered adding a feature that will locate a nearby restaurant based on the type of cuisine desired, but I decided to keep the app simple because someone can always open another app to find a restaurant. Of course no city will have food from every country, and people who live in areas without access to diverse food will have trouble populating their map. This app is more likely for a New Yorker obsessed with trying all kinds of food, but even a New Yorker will have to travel to complete some of the countries on the map. Part of the fun will be in seeing which countries you can complete when you travel to a new place. In a future iteration, I may add in the option to highlight which countries you can complete based on your location. Maybe the first person to complete the map will get a reward.

EatEverywhere Map

To start my project, I made an app map and a set of wireframes that you can see here.


After a round of user testing in class and feedback from classmates during my presentation, I modified the wireframes to include filters based on flavor profiles or by continent, a settings page, added a search ability to the map view, removed a button that didn’t go anywhere, added the pages for logging a new meal, and further developed the cuisine info and etiquette pages.

My first attempt at a design mockup was weak. I’m not a very visual person. But after some feedback from classmates and from graphic designer friends, I redesigned everything and made a lot of improvements.

 Here is my final presentation PDF. 

Monday (Thursday) Plays

Bloop is a game that was featured at IndieCade East, which is why I actually am able to talk about an apple app. Bloop is a multiplayer game (up to 4 players, either every man for himself or teams of 2). Each player is assigned a color, and the object of the game is to tap on your color square whenever it appears. This means that you will be touching everybody’s hands quite a bit. The description of the app on the iTunes store is “WARNING: HAND COLLISION IMMINENT.” And you can’t just tap everywhere, because it’s really easy to give points to somebody else that way. I thought it was interesting to see a local iPad game that allows 4 people to play on it at once. Another strategy would be to shove someone else’s hand away, or bump them so they press the wrong square. It’s really fast paced so that might be hard to pull off.