GIFlip (gif-flip) is a gif sharing social networks app that allow the user to record and share their creation of gif animation from their mobile phone. Not to overload the user with too much moving content, the app borrow interaction from our beloved flipbook animation. User have to swipe their finger through the picture to flip the gif and see the movement of the animation.

The app also simplify the process of making GIF physical by allow the user to order a print out version of their GIF from our preferred printer around the world and send your GIFlipbook right to your door.




GIFlip – Wire Frames for Iphone – Firm Read / Ceyda Onal


Firm and I, worked on the wire frames for our concept of creating an alternative mobile platform in order to share and follow GIF images that your network create. The GIFlip application provides you to create gif images and toggle through them as if you’re toggling through a image flip book. We want to integrate the gestural interface of using an actual flip book. There is a page flip on the corner of every image. The more you swipe the more you can activate the moving images.

The Menu bar is sliding and revealing from the left side of the screen when the user tabs the list logo.