Thursday Play #2 Orgami

Orgami is an unconventional note taking app. It’s UI and UX design is so creative that you actually will be surprised by how different it is. 14302848314786

First you will be surprised by its layout design. There is only one corner of the notebook one the home screen. You can categorize your notebooks by color. Slide on the top to easily change the category and double tap to enter the notebook.









It is a little bit confusing when it comes to diary panel. There is no working area or things we find normally on a note taking app. Instead of a paper, Orgami uses post-it size rectangulars to carry the content.



14302848761504 14302848775288


To be honest, it is indeed not that easy to use as a Memo app. You only can take notes by tapping on individual rectangular. Also if you tap on the wrong place, all the content of the note will be gone instantly.  Therefore Orgami is a very innovative app in terms of the UX. However, it is not an app for everyone!



14302848519669 1430284850961  14302848301870

thursdayplay 1 HIGH DIVE



High Dive was developed by The Frosty Pop Corps, they published few apps before but none of them received these much attention as High Dive.14314213714954

User needs to control of an athlete to jump into the water smoothly. In the game, the spray of the water is not the priority. It seems very easy at the beginning. But when the height starts to be raised, it becomes more difficult since the user needs to avoid to bump into birds or barriers before the athlete gets into the water.







14314213716082 14314213706980 14314213711635 14314213423721

Also during the fall the user can collect diamonds to get more points.



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Prototype 2

The link to the prototype (Even the home bottom is tappable )

Sorry I cannot be in class tomorrow so any kind of feedback on this prototype would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.07.36 PM

Changes from last version:

1. in the 3step screen, the size of the calendar is optimized for touch and the icons now are accompanied with titles

2. add more space to the flavor screen

3. on the list screen, check boxes are added next to calendar

4. tap bar now has four functions

5.comfirmation page is added when user taps on add a new one

6. customize  the drink by swipe left on the list screen

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.14.47 AM