Farmers Market

An app project I’ve been open to doing is opening up farmers market for those who live in the South Bronx.  It’s been a known fact that lower income communities are deprived of healthy nutritious produce, that’s also affordable, organic and locally grown.  An app is already developed but I’m thinking of augmenting its feature and functionality.  Perhaps adding healthy recipes and SMS alerts.

The second a restaurant directory app for people who have special diet i.e. Macrobiotic, diabetic, etc.

Influences + inspired by:

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Kbarr – rough concepts Project 1


My first concept is an app that can convert your favorite food/recipes that include meat, animal product, or gluten into recipes that do not include these items. Many people have different dietary restrictions and require modifications when in the kitchen.

My second concept is specifically for those who are caring for young children. Often when you are with children they can request snack items that are unhealthy. This app would provide users with recipes for tasty, healthy, and portable snacking alternatives for children. This app would also allow users to submit their own recipes that would be provided to the community after undergoing a review process.

My third concept allows you to seek support from other members of your religious community when you are fasting. The worst thing about fasting is it seems like no one else in you day to day is participating in a fast. And, it can often be tempting when coworkers and classmates politely offer you food during times of fasting. This app would provide a support community based around encouragement and comical commentary about your day while fasting.