For April 6, 2017

  • Take your learnings from paper prototyping and critique and create a design for your AppleTV app.
  • Show your designs at scale on the TV. Feel free and use Marvel if you’d like, or just do a flat design.
  • Post 2-3 user insights from paper prototyping when you post your designs on the blog.

Midterms will be coming this week. Contact me with any questions.

Zhiyang (Rainie) – #ThursdayApp

The #ThursdayApp I found out that is very cool is the SkyView.

I like this app in the sense that it will allow the user to explore the universe at anywhere just with a mobile phone. Ordinary people can just point their phones toward the sky and SkyView will show you the stars, constellations, or satellites at that direction. And you can also learn more information about a certain star or constellation or satellite by tapping on its name. I feel this is a really cool and fun app to play with when you want to stargaze.



Zhiyang (Rainie) – Food App Final Iteration (Midterm)

  • Marvel Link
  • UI Design PDF:
  • Three changes from digital prototyping and user testing:

    1. add a chef hat icon below post image, based on the finding of user testing that first-time user did not know where to see the recipe of that post
    2. moved bookmark icon below the post image, based on the feedback that it might be not legible if the bookmark icon is on top of the image
    3. added a button for comments below the recipe, and it will link to a separated page for comments. This change was based on the feedback that the original comments section looks like part of the recipe.


– An online mobile sharing community of people who have fitness goals to share pictures and recipes of their DIY meals

– A source for fitness diet inspiration from real people around the world.)

Yummy_ Final Iteration

Critique from midterm presentation:

  1. Create page: (1) when creating the recipe, it would be better to have a save function (eg. every 5 minutes) (2) the text on the recipe are too small, and also, add on lines in between the content will be clearer. (3) the select button on the country is wrong (it is for websites)
  2. Explore page: (1) COUNTRY/ AUTHOR– make it like a button (2) Is it a good way to make the country bubble flag? playable?? (3) How to highlight the filter?

Things that I have changed in this final Iteration:

  1. the text: (1) change font from 15pt to 17pt (2) add lines to separate the content in order to be clear (3) save text every 2 minutes
  2. correct the select country button
  3.  change the shape of the filter (COUNTRY/ AUTHOR), in order to make it like buttons.

Thursday App

Image result for limbo

The app I want to talk about is LIMBO, which is a great puzzle game based on IOS platform. Technically, every application should have obvious interaction implication, but LIMBO has no implication at all. The first impression of the game is impressive and confused, because the image is so pretty and I have no idea about how to play this game. After serval attempts, I started to understand the game mechanism. It makes u want to try everything in the game, such as pushing the box, jumping on different item, and grab some unknown things. Moreover, every puzzle is well designed, and you even don’t get board if you play twice. Those unusual things make you doubt about it is a mobile game, which looks really like movie.

After playing the game, it makes me doubt about the principle of interaction. The game destroy those traditional principles totally. I believe we should not simply follow those princple without actual thinking about the story we want to tell. Everything we built should center on the concept/topic/story, even the interaction.

Related image

tvOS – Wireframe

tvOS wireframe

  • Direction: it seems that not easy to scroll horizontally from step 1 to step 2, so probably i need to add two clickable left and right arrow button that allows the user to interact more smoothly
  • Should i combine recipes tab and categories tab together?
  • I was wondering if there are anyway i can add preferences on Main page or some other places so that the main recommendation recipes page will be truly personalized to the target users’ specific needs. (such as vegetarian diet types, allergy restrictions..etc)