Final App Ideas – Slatt Barr

Ticket Swap: 
 This app would allow users to swap their tickets with another fan. For example, if you purchased tickets in a 3 game baseball series and you have tickets for game 1 and can no longer make the game, you are then able to use the app to connect with another user who has tickets for game 3 of the series. By swapping, the tickets wont go to waste. The user would have to add their credit card or pay pal to their profile incase the value of the ticket they intend to swap is higher/lower then the ticket they are receiving. Also, this would help avoid ticket fraud because a user could report a ticket that was fake and receive their money back because the offenders account could be charged.
Pick Up:
This app would allow a user to locate and arrange pick up games in their area. This would be great for former athletes who want to play the sport they love in a no-commitment, low-pressure setting. Also, this would be a great app for people who are looking to pursue a new sports. This app would use a mapping feature to show the location and have a live R.S.V.P. feed to see how many are attending.
Shoe Head:
This app is for “Shoe Heads” who love to collect rare sneakers. This app would be a photo and mapping app where users could share the location and photograph of a rare shoe that they have found. The other users would then be able to contact the store/location where the shoe was spotted if they are interested in buying it. This would mean that users would no longer have to pick apart shoe blogs looking for these finds because they would all be located in one app.