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pplkpr is an app that tracks, analyzes, and auto-manages your relationships. Using a smartwatch, pplkpr monitors your physical and emotional response to the people around you, and optimizes your social life accordingly.

PPlkpr Official Website:
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2.Toca Nature

Shape nature and watch it develop.
Plant trees and grow a forest. Raise a mountain and enjoy the view.
Collect berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals.

Learn who eats what and discover how much it takes to winkle a bear out. Walk through different landscapes and become friends with a fox. Capture the moment of woodpeckers zigzagging between trees, and watch the day turn into night.

Toca Nature Official Website:
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O K A Y?_App Recommendation Yihan

O K A Y? is a game that refreshing break away from the typical mobile games that are released. First of all this game received a 5 star rating from me as a result of its overall composition as a game. Artistically this game is great and uses a minimalistic style. It also incorporates a clever use of sound throughout the game that brings a delightful mechanic to the gameplay that compliments its artistic endeavors. Whereas the gameplay isn’t particularly deep or necessarily revolutionary its creativity and overall assembly stand out from it’s peers.

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Apple Watch App for CookSmart Prototype3_Yihan Zhou

Feedback from user test:

– The text instruction is too small to read.
– Some of them need preparation for ingredients before start.
– They feel nervous when accidentally trigger the cooking instruction where time automatically starts count down.
– They want to go back once they accidentally start the cooking instruction but there is no back button.
– Recipe list is too small to be tapped on.

Update on Apr.9:

– Change the display of “saved recipes” list into a list of large pics. Using digital crown navigation tool to scroll down the list.
– Instead of showing name and time simply, add ingredients for users to prepare before cooking.
– Give the start control back to users.
– Add one screen for step 2 for a more clear expression of the UI design.
– Delete the pause screen, so when users tap when the time is counted down, the yellow time bar will stop and begin to blink.
– Add a “Back” button to every screen.
– Adjust font size, contrast, picture size with the apple watch standard.

Try digital mock up

CAPPTIVATE.co_App Recommendation Yihan

This app is developed based on a website called It shows a lots of UI design that may inspire you.

Description in Appstore:
The app makes it easy to view the complete collection of app animation videos on your iPhone – and now you can drag your finger across the screen to scrub through the animation at the speed you want to see it!
– Tap a preview video to watch it loop.
– Drag your finger across the screen to scrub through the animation.
– Tap on the name of the app to download it without leaving!
– Search by app name, animation pattern, or component.
– Share via Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS and more!

Find download Here!


Final Prototype_Yihan Zhou

Presentation Slides
Prototype#3 in Flinto

In the first two versions, there were two main problems that I worked hard but did find effective solutions. How to shorten the time and save energy of ingredient information in-put? it’s maybe significant to solve the essential pain points. Two new founds actually inspired me to reconsider the whole process.

1.Countertop&Prep Pad
Countertop is an app to measure the calories of food by using a bluetooth-connected scale called Prep Pad. Every time when user put food on the scale, the information will automatically be transferred to the app. So the user can manage the calories input easily through a dynamic visualization.
Cloudsight is an api that helps to recognize images.
So my idea is to combine the two functions: users put food on a scale at the same time focusing the camera to the food, then the weight and food information will be displayed at the same time.

Changes for third version
1.Reconsider the hierarchy,change it into four main functions
2.Simplify ingredients in-put to “put on the scale, select ingredient”
3.Instead of listing every certain ingredients, I change the inventory into just displaying the class of ingredients
4.Change the hamburger menu into a circle icon on the left top



Update on final prototype Mar 27, 2015

-Reconsidered the first screen when first-time users start using this app. Lead them to add their ingredients before browsing the recipes.
-Changed the “Add new ingredient” as a part of Inventory interface.
-Rearranged the inventory to alphabetic way.
-Added a “taking photo” screen with black background before entering the “Add New Ingredient”, making this function more clear and the polished banana image less confusing.
– Designed a logo for the app. Change the menu icon of “Preference set” screen to it, differentiating with the icon of Landscape Mode.
-In the screen of recipe: changed the position of Save button and Landscape Mode to the right bottom of the food picture.changed “try it” at the bottom to “landscape mode”, add “try the landscape mode” at the position of direction.

ios icon CookSmart

Or Check out the video

Prototype #2 – COOKSMART Yihan Zhou

Prototype#2 in Flinto

CookSmart Prototype #2

After the first paper prototype, I re-design my idea with all the feedbacks. Also enhanced the interface.
-Change the home page from preference set to inventory content, so the users will more easily manage their food. Also the magnifying glass on the right top is designed for user to search a certain food if they have numerous ingredients.
-When users tap on one ingredients, it jumps to the preference set interface.
-Add a button at the bottom for adding new ingredients.
-Linked all functions to a hamburger bar on the left so the user will know where they are.

Things I learned from second time paper prototype
-Keep working on hierarchy
-The hamburger bar does not work well, it’s still confusing while jumping to the preference set interface.
-Still, shorten the process of in put ingredients.

Food App- Prototype#1_Yihan Zhou

Presentation Slides



User Test

Things I learned from first time paper prototype
-Reconsider the hierarchy so the user can know better why they are on this app.
-Instead of showing the simple version of recipe, just directly lead users to the full version of recipes.
-Simply “Ingredient-input” as much as possible, do not create more pain points while solving the problems.
-Think deeper with the essential logic of “Tinder design”