Henry VIII- Eat Like A King UPDATED

Information architecture
Information architecture

Nothing too extraneous or complicated.  Keep it simple with choices: breakfast/lunch/dinner

Welcome Page
Welcome PageMonthly updates

Welcome page kept simple, but also will have one added recipe updates automatically monthly. or whenever a new menu would arrive.

types of gestures used for this app.

Types of gestures used for this app.

Bird's eye view of Henry 8's table setting, in this case, Breakfast.
Bird’s eye view of Henry 8’s table setting, in this case, Breakfast.

Planning a DIFFERENT APPROACH to other apps.  Sort of having a large image (with active links) of the meals spread out that Henry 8th would have.  The user would be able to: 1) pinch 2)pull 3)swipe left, right, up down, etc techniques to inspect.  There will be opportunities to read recipes and cooking instructions by clicking on the food titles next to dishes.

Chosen "Breakfast"
Chosen “Breakfast”

Once the user selects from the welcome page menu, in this case breakfast.  A list of breakfast types would appear.

chosen Breakfast No.1 lay out...
Chosen Breakfast No.1 lay out…

The user lands on whichever one they choose.

Spread fingers to zoom in if need
Spread fingers to zoom in if need

The user can zoom in, pinch, pull, swipe up/down/left right and click on the food title once spotting preferred or interesting food/dish.

Food recipe and instructions of Tudor cooking.

Food recipe and instructions of Tudor cooking.

Once user clicks on chosen food, the recipe + cooking instructions would swing in from the right.  Press close to exit.

Farmers Market

An app project I’ve been open to doing is opening up farmers market for those who live in the South Bronx.  It’s been a known fact that lower income communities are deprived of healthy nutritious produce, that’s also affordable, organic and locally grown.  An app is already developed but I’m thinking of augmenting its feature and functionality.  Perhaps adding healthy recipes and SMS alerts.

The second a restaurant directory app for people who have special diet i.e. Macrobiotic, diabetic, etc.

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