#ThursdayPlays – Haze

screen568x568-1 screen568x568

Haze is a mobile app for weather which combines with color and sound. Compare to other weather apps, Haze doesn’t show any graphics of sun, cloud, rain, snow, etc. Instead, it gives users some moods of weather by showing colors and sound effects so that they often feel emotional appeal from Haze.

It is build around the idea of giving you a radiantly crafted forecast at a glance. Swipe through temperature, sunshine hours and rain chance or dive even deeper and get detailed information about the weather. Swipe down to get a 5 day forecasts and unlock multiple colorful themes to personalize the look.

Haze demo video

FoodTracker – Improved UI Prototype

Things we’ve learned from prototyping & user testing last week

  • Think about all possibilities that can be happened by users. If we don’t consider about this, users won’t understand what”s going on during user testing.
  • Keep our identity, it’s more important than any other elements for UI design. We need to take care of color, font choice, layout, graphic, etc., then keep same style on every pages.
  • Push notification sometimes bothers users. They don’t want to see any advertisements or notices that aren’t important to them. If we must use this function, we need to figure out what users want and what they want to hear from our app.

After user testing last week, we improved UI design.
prototype01-3 prototype01-3

Feedback: “IOS Human Interface Guidelines”

I focused on reading topics I’m interested in. And here are my thoughts:

I focused on reading an article about Apple’s UI elements. Apple has specific guidelines for user interface elements with consistency. I like how Apple combines their design principle to their apps in unity style and how they keep their identity. For this reason, I prefer App design for iOS than Android.

Since the appearance of iPhone, Apple takes care of user experience and they added some finger gestures for action. However, I’m still confused with this because I sometimes don’t know what gestures I need to do for some apps.