WK10 Yin Hu & Franky Wang


app map



  1. consider if the user is a passenger.
  2.  buttons in the index page, buttons in other tabs, such as buttons in the safety tab, their positions makes users feel confused.
  3. tap the button to enter and tap it again to exit, users may don’t know how to use it.
  4. the car finding, the location detection technology?
  5. the approach to connecting cars may not be so convenient.

WK9_Yin Hu

Insights from paper prototyping

Log in view: confused about the User ID, what if it’s the first time for users?

Me tab: What’s the function of setting? is that necessary?

Confirm details: put things in the middle

Bag tab: inputting card info is complicated… think about change card and time function here.

The brief description of BonFood apple tv version

Bonfood tvOS version app is a simplified version of the Bonfood iPhone version. I suppose that users of this tvOS version app have already used this app on their iPhones. Considering the typing problem on apple tv, I cut functions: (1)managing health data (including adding new/ editing/ deleting)(2) setting function in me tab, which means users should have the pre-setted delivery address information and card information, so in this apple tv app, users just choose which address and card to use.

Updated app map

feedback of presentation: the sync button is not necessary in the Health Data tab.

Visual Design (updated)

Digital Prototype (updated)

#Thursday App_Yin Hu

App Name: Tiny Poll

It’s a voting tool used in the Group Messages in iPhone. It could be treated as an extension of the Messages since after installing you won’t find it on your home screen except in the bottom of Messages.

TinyPoll is fast and easy to use. Because polls are sent directly through iMessage, you never need to leave a group conversation. It takes just a few taps to create a multiple-choice poll and sent it to your friends.

As the votes pour in, the animated tally gets updated in real time. And you can change your decision by tapping other options. The operation is super easy.

By default, you can create a poll with two multiple-choice options every two hours. An annual subscription, which currently costs less than a slice of pizza, lets you create unlimited polls and add up to five options.

WK6 Yin Hu

Notes from tvOS HIG

  1. Consider the distance between users and screens.
  2. Differentiate between click and tap, and avoid triggering actions on inadvertent taps. Clicking is a very intentional action, and is generally well-suited for pressing a button, confirming a selection, and initiating an action during gameplay. Tap gestures are fine for navigation or showing additional information, but keep in mind that the user may naturally rest a thumb on the remote, pick it up, move it around, or hand it to someone.
  3. Don’t display a cursor. 
  4. Don’t display a back button.
  5. Favor horizontal navigation of content.


tvOS App map 

tvOS Wireframe


#Thursdayapps YinHu

Gorogoa is a puzzle video game and it was released for Windows, Nintendo Switch, and IOS on 14 December 2017.

In Gorogoa players are presented with four images in a grid and must stack, combine, and explore each image to find a connection(buried signals) between them in order to advance and open new areas.Players are not guided through the process, as the game contains no language, and must work out what they need to do to finish each level.

The plot involves a boy seeking an encounter with a divine monster, exploring themes of spiritually and religion. The scenes in the game follow periods of time in the 20th century, including peace, war, and rebuilding.

WK5_Yin Hu

User insights from digital prototyping:

From class:

Dish tab:

1. some hierarchy and consistency issues in the top three part.

a)What’s the most important thing among the health status, delivery address, and the search bar? Try to simplify it.

b) Current health status seems that you could tap it and type something.

7days is not clear enough

The “add records” button? Why it exists here?

c) Refine button, why it’s red?

2. the change view button, try to use a clear pattern, don’t make users feel confused.

3. Dish Details view

The applicable people part. Perhaps you could say that this is applicable to the user.


Health Data tab:

  1. What’s the relationship between the current health status and the calendar? The current health status is not so necessary here.
  2. The privacy protection part. Is that necessary? since the health status could be seen in the dish tab. Refer to the HIG fingerprint part.

Push Notification:

Consider humanization. Such as encouragement.

The whole:

Some text is not clear enough. Consider the size of the typography, especially the size of buttons. (confirm button, change the quantity button)

The sizes of icons in the tab bars are not the same.

Final Version App map

Final version Visual design

digital prototype final Version


Feedback from 1st March presentation

1.Since the health data is important, don’t use reminder page( at most time, users just ignore it). The first time the user uses this app, fill the health data view should be the first thing come out. refer to the baby food app.

2.in the dish details page, the user is likely to don’t know the meaning of the green background. Just repeat the recommended might be helpful.

3.in the health data tab, is the calendar necessary? simplify it. lists

4.is the privacy protection necessary?




Insights from WK3 prototyping

Dishes tab:

(1) If the user wants to take dishes from the Not Recommended category, perhaps there is a reminder.

(2) Change the pattern of the changing the dish’s number’s button.

Me tab:

(1)Think about reorder function, such as reminding the user to reorder it, or setting to reorder it automatically

(2)What’s in the setting?

(3)Scanning medical records, the confirm button is not necessary


Since dishes of the homepage is sorted by health records, it might be better to remind users to update their health records.

Visual Design 3.0

the digital prototype