WK5_Yin Hu

User insights from digital prototyping:

From class:

Dish tab:

1. some hierarchy and consistency issues in the top three part.

a)What’s the most important thing among the health status, delivery address, and the search bar? Try to simplify it.

b) Current health status seems that you could tap it and type something.

7days is not clear enough

The “add records” button? Why it exists here?

c) Refine button, why it’s red?

2. the change view button, try to use a clear pattern, don’t make users feel confused.

3. Dish Details view

The applicable people part. Perhaps you could say that this is applicable to the user.


Health Data tab:

  1. What’s the relationship between the current health status and the calendar?
  2. the privacy protection part. Is that necessary? since the health status could be seen in the dish tab. Refer to the HIG fingerprint part.

Push Notification:

Consider humanization. Such as encouragement.

The whole:

Some text is not clear enough. Consider the size of the typography.



Insights from WK3 prototyping

Dishes tab:

(1) If the user wants to take dishes from the Not Recommended category, perhaps there is a reminder.

(2) Change the pattern of the changing the dish’s number’s button.

Me tab:

(1)Think about reorder function, such as reminding the user to reorder it, or setting to reorder it automatically

(2)What’s in the setting?

(3)Scanning medical records, the confirm button is not necessary


Since dishes of the homepage is sorted by health records, it might be better to remind users to update their health records.

Visual Design 3.0

the digital prototype


WK2_Yin Hu

Insights from paper prototyping

The whole app:
Too many functions are mixed, which causes this app complicated.
1. Give the “Home” tab a name which is related to the content of the tab rather than using “Home”.
2. “Adding to cart” function seems to have the logical problem.
Food Regulation:
The name of “Food regulation” seems to confuse the user, which means that the user won’t think the food shown in this tab is the food the user has at home.
Health Record:
1. How would you get the health data? Could it link to Health app to get part of the data?
2. The layout of this tab is confusing.

App Map 2.0

Wireframe 2.0

WK1_Yin Hu

Three things I didn’t know about HIG

  1. Navigation: Hierarchical Navigation, Flat Navigation, Content-Driven or Experience-Driven Navigation. I didn’t consider much about the types of navigations. This helps me to analyze the information architecture.
  2. 3D touch: in the past, when I design interactions, I didn’t consider applying varying levels of pressure to the touchscreen to access additional functions.
  3. Layout Guides and Safe Area: it aids with the positioning, alignment, and spacing of content. I didn’t know safe areas and margins in UI.

About me

 My name is Yin Hu, currently a first-year student in MFA DT. I studied Mass Communication in the undergraduate study. And I have two internships in UI&UX area. One is at the user experience lab of Tongji University, in China, the other one is at an internet company. I want to further study UI&UX design more systematically in my graduate study, so I chose Designing for Usability the last semester.


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