Week 2_Qinwen

3 User Insights

  1. User expected something happens after tapping the image and want to view more about the restaurant, such the map, distance, rating and etc..

  2. Add function “start a plan” (same with facebook messenger) that can add plans to calendar directly when the user invites a friend in the dialogue box.
  3. User wants to see who they went to the places together rather than the posts from others about this restaurant.







Qinwen_Week 1

About Me

I’m Qinwen Xing. My background is graphic design. Most of my previous work are focused on branding, book design, and packaging.

3 things I don’t know from the Apple HIG

  1. Apple changed their system fonts to a new typeface “San Francisco” since ios 9.
  2. 3D touch gives the user more possibility to interact with contents, such as peek and pop allows the user to preview photos, links, page and etc. It’s important that the peek view is designed big enough so that fingers don’t obscure its content.
  3. Make animations optional. When the option to reduce motion is enabled in accessibility preferences, the app should minimize or eliminate application animations.

App Map 

App Wireframe

App Wireframe