#Thursday app _ My talking pet

 My Talking Pet

My talking pet is an app which allows the users to edit their pet’s photo and make a video of the users’ own voice. First, the user needs to take a photo of their pet and highlight eyes, mouth, top of head and chin. after that, the user can record voice. the photo will be animated based on your setup and make it look like your pet is talking. In addition, adding stickers or text is possible to make your video more funny and cute. using the photo in personal assistance widget available to get them to read the weather, headlines, and schedule.

I like this app because it’s very simple. from personal experience, when I try to edit my pet’s photo with a regular photo editing app. many times the app doesn’t recognize pet’s face. Especially when I took video of my cat, I don’t usually capture what I wanted. this application allows making a video from a photo and I can record a video so I think it’s very funny and cute. also, the widget option adding fun to my daily life too.


Week 10: Jaeky Cheong, Cici Xiang

Color picker

Project 3: Personalized eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick color suggestions
Functions of the app:
1. Analyze picture(skin tone, outfits color)
2. Suggests user the color of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow color which suits user’s
outfit, skin color, trend and season.
3. Suggests user related cosmetic products.
4. Purchase products in the app.
App map:
1. Homepage -search bar/ icon of search by pic/ icon of search by color
2. Picture – take a picture now/ uploading picture
3. Shopping Cart
4. Profile – pictures you posted/ products and colors you saved/ user’s skin tone/ user preference/ address/ name/ headshot


User test feedback

  1.  The users tried to select the profile picture in the upper right corner but the profile picture was not selectable. so I decide to delete it.
  2. The users want to see more contents on the homepage.
  3. The users were confused about the categories.

Final prototype: https://marvelapp.com/62851b1/screen/40297763



User Feedback from paper prototype_1

  1. Category sorting is not the right system for this app so the users suggest me to change to filter search system.
  2. Since many cat owners make weekly food at once and preserve it. Today’s recommendation is not really working so it would be better to change it to weekly pick.
  3. They don’t understand the meaning of the icons.
  4. Cat’s profile could be added to the future recommendation.
  5.  +,- icon from my recipes tap doesn’t make sense and the users asked me what is it for and why creating a folder is necessary.
  6. The first page could be Tips.

Week01 _jaeky Cheong


About Me

Hi! my name is Jaeky. I have 3D animation and special effects background. I have no experience with UI/UX design so I want to learn professional skills from class.

Three things I don’t know about HIG

  1. Layout Margin: I didn’t know there is hidden margin and I have to think about rounded corners.
  2. Provide a full-screen experience. I didn’t know the details about how to make a full-screen.
  3. Bars.  I learned that all the action bars have to be ‘verb’ when it’s a word

App Map