You play as a young boy, but

And you'll have to hide from giant robots that can kill you instantly if you step into their spotlight.

INSIDE is a puzzle adventure game. It’s beautifully animated and a little bit horrifying.  The game is kind of monochromatic and dark, with a few colors sparingly to highlight parts of the environment. The story unfolds slowly over the game, showing you very little pieces about the world, letting you put everything together on your own.

The story is talking about a boy, who wears a red shirts that symbolize hope, running into the dark world. The boy keep running “inside”, stepping deeper into danger to rescue his body. However, the boy does not exist for real, he is the representation of hope. The aesthetic and the story of the game is pure fascinating.

Week 15 Ting and Jason

1. In keyword view after the meeting, maybe we can use a list format instead of the interactive, because there might be a bunch keywords in a meeting.

2. UI is a little too similar across the whole app

3. The start button is the major function, shall we make it bigger?

4. After the app listen for a long time, what can the AI do more? Can it give feedback on its own?

5. Automatically sends you email or generates a doc after the meeting?


AfterShip is a package tracking app. Since I often purchase items from different online platforms, I might have several tracking numbers at the same time. By using this app, I can track all of my packages simultaneously and it can push notification about current updates of one specific package. In addition, it incorporate 370+ carriers tracking services.

Week 6 Jason Chen

3 things I learned from the Apple HIG

  1. Delay sign-in as long as possible. If your app requires authentication, display a brief, friendly explanation on the login screen that describes the reasons for the requirement and its benefits.
  2. Design for different focusable item states. On Apple TV, focusable items can have up to five different states, each of which should appear visually distinct.
  3. No need to show the “BACK” button. Use Menu button instead.

App Map


Week 2 Jason Chen

User insights I learned from paper prototyping

  1. Why does “search” deserve a tab? Can it hide inside of the News tab
  2. There is no Cart.
  3. Why not just show everything in shop, then apply filter.
  4. There is no star button in the recipe.
  5. There is no buy button in the recipe.
  6. There is no price in product detail.
  7. This app doesn’t need profile picture.
  8. It is not necessarily to create an account.
  9. Blenders is less likely to be purchased than those ingredients.

App Map 2.0

Wireframe 2.0