Week 2 Jason Chen

User insights I learned from paper prototyping

  1. Why does “search” deserve a tab? Can it hide inside of the News tab
  2. There is no Cart.
  3. Why not just show everything in shop, then apply filter.
  4. There is no star button in the recipe.
  5. There is no buy button in the recipe.
  6. There is no price in product detail.
  7. This app doesn’t need profile picture.
  8. It is not necessarily to create an account.
  9. Blenders is less likely to be purchased than those ingredients.

App Map 2.0

Wireframe 2.0

Week 1 Jason Chen

My name is WeiChung Chen, you can call me Jason. I am a designer with experience in creative coding, digital fabrication, and 3D animation, along with a thoughtful approach to solving problems in simple and elegant solutions. I also have the capacity of adapting dynamic environment and acquiring not only new techniques but also knowledges through independent research.

3 things I didn’t know from the Apple HIG

  1. Navigation

I didn’t know about the three main navigation styles. The Hierarchical Navigation: Make one choice per screen until you reach a destination , Flat Navigation: Switch between multiple content categories, and Content-Driven or Experience-Driven Navigation: Move freely through content, or the content itself defines the navigation, normally for immersive apps.

  1. Color

I didn’t know I should choose a color to indicate interactivity and don’t compete with other color. In addition, I didn’t know about testing app’s color scheme under a variety of lighting conditions, and test it in various light conditions.

  1. Branding

Should avoid diluting your design by focusing too much on consistent branding, Defer to content over branding, and avoid displaying a logo throughout your app unless it’s necessary for providing context.

App Map