Yue & Jasmine

Hey everyone!

Thanks for an awesome class. Much love.
Anyway, here is our feedback from the critics for our final iteration.



– Terminology of Bookmarks is quite awkward. Consider something like “My Videos”.

Look and Feel of the learning experience:
– Stock photos look corporate and stale
– Lists are boring (explore and gamify this experience)
– It looks like a podcast list, is the learning experience predominantly through listening, watching? It would be interesting to consider other accessibility points as well (as Lynda.com also has the video transcription to follow along).
– If the video is the main learning experience, consider minimizing list information, and maximize views of video.

Design Intent and User Flow:
– Reexamine user flow as there are some dead ends. We notice that in our app, we give users the option to share their completed learning paths on LinkedIn. There is an opportunity for an auto-share or suggested share, after a learning path is completed.

Next Steps:
Which brings us to the question, how can we make the learning experience fun?
In the future, we want to implement a fun learning experience.We will explore new ways of experiencing these paths (as they range from 10-68 hours).

good mobile game

Blades of Brim

Brim is a mobile app game which kind the same with temple run. But I like this game more in recent time is because instead of just running and dodge from enemies, players can attack the monsters actively. Besides, you also can get different items as well as coins to get new weapons and skills. More important, there will be different special challenge each month, according to different challenge topics, this game will have different scene design to fit that topic. Also, they will offer special items for this challenge, if you get enough special items, you have the right to exchange special characters or weapons which encourage you to play more

make up for 5.5


Mobile app

User insight:

1′ Linkedin part looks doesn’t make sense.

2′ Should think about how to encourage them to learn more courses, not only upload to Linkedin.



Apple Tv

Use Insight:

1′ Usually there is no icon with menu part on apple tv

2′ It doesn’t show Tv focus clearly.

3′ Think about how to design tv controller movements.

Yue and Jasmine – Lynda’s Learning Paths App Prototype 01-4/28

This is our first Lynda Learning Path’s App

Here are some user insights:
1) Saving individual courses vs. entire learning paths

2) Button sizes should be tappable
– “Add to favorites” button

3) Learning Paths should be prioritized over individual courses, thus it may be beneficial to explore this as our “Home” page.

4) Rewards
– What does this look like?
– Users have a tendency to view their own profile more than others. How can we make this space provide the feeling of accomplishment and encouragement to achieve more (CTA – try more learning paths)

5) Consistent Tab Bar

7) Examine user flow for Free Trial

8) Does “Home” have to be called “Home”? Consider a new verb that instantly associates with what users expect.

9) Streamline the business learning path for an iPhone app, while the programming learning path can be demonstrated in our Apple TV app.

Next steps:
– Improve upon these insights
– Create an Apple TV app

group work1- Yue&Jasmine



1. Reward System: Explore Experticity, Duolingo

Once the user completes a learning path, they are able to have this as a credential synced to LinkedIn. We are still considering how this “syncing” will happen, and how it would feel like.

2. Adding Learning Paths vs. Courses

We planned to have the ability to add an entire learning path or individual courses. Initially we identified these two decisions with two different icons. However, it was confusing for the user, so we will reconsider this.

3. Semantics (Bookmarks vs. Favorites)

4. Reconsider the User
– IPhone vs. Apple TV vs. Laptop vs. IPad.
– Who is our user that we want to focus on?
Some classmates brought a great point about how they sync their phone to their Apple TV to watch and follow Lynda coding tutorials with their laptops (to code with) and the instructions on the AppleTV (Two screens to increase learning efficiency and productivity).

– IPhone: Perhaps focus on Business Courses etc. (More convenient for people to walk to without needing extra utilities.)
– Yue and I will try a learning path to see what quizzes are needed to complete one.

Note: Automatic resizing is not simple. Focus on one interface on one medium.

5. Redundant Tab
Is it necessary to have a courses tab, when these can be stored in “Home”?

1st project user feedback+digital feedback

user feedback for paper prototype of Foodplay:

  1. The product of ”Foodkit” seems not very clearly now, It would be better if remove this part.
  2. not sure what should show in “reward” tab, all reward items or what reward that user already gets?
  3. There is supposed to have a “skip” button so people can view other pages first and then decide whether they want to sign up.


Digital feedback:



  1. UI design of some page can be better improved. The landing page looks good but some content page still need polish.
  2. The home page looks much better, the contents are attractive.
  3. Need more research to figure out how many users we can get, how many people will interest in this activity.

make up for HIG

Note from HIG

  • App’s interface and contents need to be distinguished to each other. Good design of interface and cantent can facilitate each other but not distracting. The most important/attractive content would usually be placed on the top left corner, where as the less important content should be placed on the bottom right corner.
  • “Ensure legibility by using the system font. San Francisco (the iOS system font) works with Dynamic Type to automatically adjust letter spacing and line height so that text is easy to read and looks great at every size. Whether you use San Francisco or a custom font, be sure to adopt Dynamic Type so your app can respond when the user chooses a different text size.” Font size is an important element we should pay more attention. The appropriate size of font can contribute to all pages of layout, On the contrary, a wrong size can ruin the proportion of the whole design. Thus, we should follow/obey the system font size strictly when we design.
  • If an “onboarding experience” is needed, it should be easy to follow and don’t forget to design a way to exit this part anytime.

apple tv paper prototype



user insight:

  1. This format is much better than the last time, the menu on the top, in the middle and the content on the bottom is more organized and reasonable.
  2. The page of “challenge” still need to be modify or revise, it still confuse and the content is not that clearly.
  3. The page of “me” doesn’t show on the paper prototype
  4. How to fit so many text in apple tv is a challenge!