Food solo watch app prototype2 -Jackie

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watch logo

Main page: Simply Provide 4modes you can choose to control your playlist songs. Different modes will show different categories of song, The list will lay out as strength of  Audio frequency:

Feature analysis and extraction are the foundation of audio automatic classification. Means to divide audio streams into five classes: silence, noise, pure speech, speech over background sound and music. So based on this I designed four modes.

Sport :  Alternative Rock, Ambient, dance& EDM,dancehall, disco,Drum bass, dubstep hip hop &rap, Metal, techno, Trip Hop,

Sleep : classical, country, deep house, house,Indie,Jazz Blues,Piano,  R&BSoul, soundtrack

Travel : folk & singer-songwriter, Latin,reggae, country, world, trip Hop,trance

Search :connect to iTunes / web

watch 2


2. Playlist


watch 3

3. Choose song

watch 4-2

4. slide down check information

watch 4-1

5. “Tap” screen : control sound 

watch 4-4

6. Pressure on screen : Share/like/ delete

watch 4-3

7. Share function: rotate the crown to choose share platform

watch 5


Food solo Prototype revise

I got feedback from the first I show how my app works on watch:

So I make some changes of it through last week:

1. Remove the app icon in each page. Only show it in the first page

2. Clearly two functions on this app, which are to control the playlist based on four different modes and then you can share the songs you like in other activities.

3. Since the platform is Apple watch, I found some resources about apple watch I really recommend and  The Invisible Design Behind the Apple Watch’s Many Faces Based on these researches I enriched the specific function of watch using in my app.

Using “pressure” function and rotate digital crown to choosing multiple options lay out in one page on the watch.

After feedback through midterm review-redesign of project 1 -FOOD SOLO-Jackie

I attached my redesign play app link here:

Through last week feedback of my first application design. I did some switches and improve parts.

1. Import “add new song” page: Create one page for users can review their song which link to the side bar of “my songs”, where I can see my list of songs in the world:

my songs2

2. Removed the hamburger menu

3. Redesign the tag of my sidebar, change the lay out to :

-Sign in

-new: with the main feed of all new songs in the world

-my songs: where I can see my list of the songs in the world and also design a “+” button to add a new track

-background tracks: show background sound options


4. Create 3 pages for ” add new song ” function:


At first , in the design song page, I provide three tags, which is :” Choose a  background track”, “Choose rhythm tracks” and ” Construct your tract”. Then if you tag each bars your will see three different browsers pop out:


A. Browser1: Background track pages, slide to choose the background song


B. Browser2: Choose food  rhythm elements for your songs


C. Browser3: Create your song, control and play the rhythm mix with the songs.



Attractive app recommendation

VSCO cam

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Apple watch design prototype — Jackie

Apple watch app design:

Through my first iPhone application design, I was focus on the the entertainment features of using food elements to design sound app. So when I start to thinking about the apple watch app, I want to continue thinking through the function point to improve my first app to design my UI to adapt to various devices and modes , such as apple watch. So that users can enjoy the app in as many contexts as possible.

Concept: People usually listen to music when they are taking exercise. Connecting local music playlist to the sport app. Controlling your sound list by your running length or your heart beats. The new apple watch music app support different modes for people. For example, when you choose “sport” mode, your sound will be random choosing by intense and Cheerful sound, such as hip hop or rock.

If you are very calm down and peaceful, like sitting or sleeping, seems like you didn’t take any exercise, your heartbeats are as normal speed. Then you will get your playlist arrange as calm and charming sound, such as country music or indie environmental music or any soothing and calm music.

apple watch present version1

watch logo5

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watch 1 watch 2 watch 3

What I have learned from my paper and digital prototype -assignment 1

1. First play app :

2. Modify play app:

Through the prototype to the midterm final presentation, I have lots of chantings on my app design:

1. Switch sidebar icon from bottom to top:

2. As we discussed on the class, I get suggestions from Andrew to change the main page as sound list menu, which the is recent sound you already created or the sound which person you followed.

Main menu first prototype                             Main menu final effect

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.57.02 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.57.29 AM



3. Add sound creating page for users. So that they can directly playing their sound on the sound track.

4. Separate “record” sound function and “play” sound function in different pages. Easily let users finding how to play this app and get content step by step.

Record page                                                           Play page

DESIGN PAGE4  Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.32.33 AM


5. Changing the sound list lay out completely and clarity, showing as the song album with users’ name, song name and date.  Instead of  the last version prototype which was creating date and design emotion.

first version                                                second version

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.36.01 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.44.29 AM

3 Things I learned from Apple’s HIG — Jackie

1. Deference. icons simplify and clarify ornamentation

Clarity. Text is legible at every size, icons are precise and lucid, adornments are subtle and appropriate, and a sharpened focus on functionality motivates the design.

Depth. Visual layers and realistic motion impart vitality and heighten people’s delight and understanding.

The UI helps people understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it. For my understanding, as an interactive designer, our target of interface design can be also seen as to design a visual system or communication language between user and content. Through reading the rules of HIG design, I deeply thinking about why we choose icons simplify and clarify ornamentation in iOS system. And how to using design for helping people get the content, but not confuse them. The interface’s exist is servicing for user experience. That’s why as a UI designer our target is highlight the users to get content at first. And putting your personal design style as second place.

2. Continue thinking of how to make the most important content and functionality clear and easy to interact with. The IOS design system use plenty of negative space, let color simplify the UI, ensure legibility by using the system fonts and embrace borderless buttons. These details are telling us each single gesture design were creating through users perspective.

3. Another interesting point for me is about the iOS app includes a window. But—unlike a window in a computer app—an iOS window has no visible parts and it can’t be moved to another location on the display. Most iOS apps contain only one window; apps that support an external display can have more than one. Because users tend to experience an iOS app as a collection of screens. From this perspective, a screen generally corresponds to a distinct visual state or mode in an app. Through this point, I continue explore the object is becoming more important which is UIScreen design.

Food Solo – Midterm App Project *—–* Jackie

“Food Solo” Design concept:

1. Food solo is a little mobile app, based on the food you are eating each day or the food you like. For example , The sound of biting chips and the sound of pouring coffee. In the app, each food elements will have their own rhythms. You can design your own music using which food melody you like. I’ve created this pocket-version for iOS devices in a few days to experiment with GameSalad, a framework for mobile games.

2. In Food Solo” App.  Now you can feel like a DJ using abstract food sound! Visually mix rhythms and melodies together like a pro. Mashup various music styles, whilst staying in sync…

3. Through user test and feedback from last week. I changed the slide menu bar to the left top. And enrich a design page which can visually control your sound and mix style of it.

I have attached a link of final version of play app here:

my songs       DESIGN PAGE4