Shuangshuang Huo + Jackie Hu = Final App Wireframes Revised


This week, we revised our wireframes. We made some changes as below:

1. differentiated the path for room finder and room poster at the beginning

2. added search filter view

3. enriched the room information view

4.added instruction view for panorama

5. added tab bar on the bottom


a2 a3 a4 a5 a6

Shuangshuang – Thursday Apps (that I introduced in class so far)

1. Doodle God and Doodle Devil

Doodle God:

“Of course the universe was not created in a day. You’ll have to work your up from a simple microorganism to create animals, tools, storms and even build armies before you have what it takes to build the universe! But beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences, inventing the wheel might just trigger a zombie plague… Don’t worry, you are not alone on this cosmic journey! Every time you successfully create a new item you’ll be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians of all time.”

Doodle Devil:

“While Doodle God was busy creating the universe, Doodle Devil was also having some fun. The same addictive, puzzle game play that made Doodle God a hit is back but with an evil twist. Discover the seven deadly sins and watch as the world crumbles at your fingertips as you create thousands of dastardly deeds. Combine fire, earth, wind & air to create demons, beasts, zombies… and much more. Being bad has never been so much fun!”

doodle god screen480x480

2. AirPano

“AirPano Travel Book is a collection of unique spherical photo panoramas of the most amazing places in the world with a bird’s eye view. AirPano Travel Book takes you on an exciting journey with a real-life presence at a photographic location. The aerial panorama technology allows viewers to soar in the sky above Niagara Falls, the famous Taj Mahal, nightlife in Las Vegas, and the fantastic beaches of Dominican Republic.”

screen520x924 (1) screen520x924

3. Strata

“The goal of Strata is to strategically layer colored ribbons to match a pattern. Using forethought and strategy you must sequence your moves correctly. Over time patterns emerge and your tactics may evolve, but Strata will keep you on your toes with increasingly difficult puzzles.”


4. FotoPlace

A photo editing app developed by a Chinese team. You can edit photos and add movie subtitles to the photo to make it look like a screenshot of a film. You can choose Chinese, English and even Japanese subtitles. The system languages include both Chinese and English.




Shuangshuang Huo- Apple Watch Home Feast

Home Feast – Apple Watch Extension App

This extension app can help people remember when they need to start to prepare for the feast and what they need to buy for the feast.

App Map:

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.32.55 PM

You can get notification when the feast you added before is coming soon:


Open the app, you’ll see your own feast list created in iPhone.You can swipe up or screw the Crown. The color bar at the left side indicates the type of the dish in the same order as the iPhone app, such as appetizer, main course and so on. But I changed the original colors a little bit to make them more saturated, because in the iPhone app, the color contrast of different sections is subtle and it’s hard to see the difference in Apple Watch.


Tap on each item, you can see all the ingredients you need to buy for this dish. After buying each ingredient, you can mark it as “DONE”


When extending my original iPhone app to Apple Watch, I found many differences. First of all, according to HIG, the background of Apple Watch is better to be dark so that the screen can match the watch frame perfectly. Since my iPhone app uses light background color, I changed it to dark.

And the legibility of text in Apple Watch is super important, because the screen is very small and people are always in different movements with the watch on the wrist. That’s why I used large text size and used high color contrast of the text color and background color.

To keep the handy trait of my original iPhone, I tried to make the structure of this Apple Watch extension app as light-duty as possible.

Shuangshuang Huo- App Design Revised

For this revision version,

1. I removed the bottom tabs to simplify the app structure. I learned that those bottom tabs are not exactly the same as any normal button, because if you activate one tab, you should stay at that view and the tab should stay highlighted until you leave that view.

2. I removed “next” button to simplify and clarify the app structure.

3. In the dish search view, I enlarged the search bar and dish names according to teacher’s and users’ feedbacks.

4. I put “add my own” button to top right 

5. In the dish type view, I changed “remarks” to “notes”

6. I set the list history as the first and main view in the app

7. In the final list view, I removed “edit” and “done” button on the top 

8. In “add my own” view,  I designed the layout, such as where to upload photos, add dish names, ingredients, and instructions

9. I made as many buttons as possible functional in the Flinto prototype.

10. I changed the “+”  “-” signs in the dish search view to “Add” and “Added”, because during the user test, some users reported the “+” “-” signs were confusing.