Stamped WatchOS prototyping user insights [Pengpeng, Douglas]

We prototyped this app with Dan Kawasaki our user experience instructor and some of the insights and feedback we got were:

  • think about creating a reverse editing function, where all the media is automatically selected and the user then goes through and removes any content they dont want to use instead of having them add the content they want to include.
  • more editing functions for controlling speed of the content
  • including automatic editing filters for the stories
  • creating a user path on the map where you can see where you went through trail

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.32.04 PM

Apple TV New Forker prototyping & user feedback

After prototyping the Apple TV app for the New Forker food app the user insights that I received were:

  • To include a discovery section to the homepage
  • Include a bookmarking section for your list of resturants you want to visit in the future.
  • Possible connection to your mobile device and book reservations through open table or similar platform.
  • Think about including a feed for the critics that one would follow and how that affects the media you see on the homepage.

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#ThursdayPlay SynSonic

I wanted to also take this time to plug fellow MFA DT candidate Kiyo Yamazaki’s thesis project SynSonic which is also available now in the app store! I’ve been playing around with the app and I think its a really fun tool to create unique sound visuals through your phone.

It allows you to create some pretty cool dynamic content through the ambient noises through your microphone or allows you to choose a song from your music library.

I played around with the app on my rooftop in Brooklyn recently and the results came out very impressive.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

#ThursdayPlay Flux

This is not a new app but I recently discovered it within the past few weeks and wanted to give it a try, the function of the program / app is to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from you computer screen or mobile device which in turn is suppose to help with increasing your quality of sleep. I tried testing it out for approximately a week and I can say that this did seem to help a small amount.

However, I’m not sure if it was because of the reduction in the blue light from flux or it was because when the color temperate on the screen changed from normal to yellow indicating I should I be getting ready for bed that I decided just to close my computer and not use it for the rest of the night. However, as a designer needing the correct colors when working with creating design work this caused me to stop using the application. But I think it is a good tool to help remind you get off the screen and rest your eyes.


Stamped App [Pengpeng & Douglas]

Since the last round of prototyping the user insights we corrected were making the tagged stories interaction more seamless and agile while removing any confusion from the previous iteration. We also removed the hamburger menu button as we moved the functions of adding friends through the friends button on the home screen. We decided to update the story editor to have an automatic compilation function, but another insight we received was to create a more automated option for creating stories, such as chronological order, shuffled, while choosing image display duration and video editing speeds.


New Forker Final

The New Forker is a curated food guide / tour of the best New York City restaurants by the city’s best food critics and restaurant owners.

  • Get an in depth look at undiscovered restaurants.
  • Follow your favorite chefs and food critics.
  • Bookmark and book reservations in the app.


  • incorporate defaults into menus, filtering, rsvps
  • consideration for gestures, sizing of buttons and tabs
  • make the bookmarking feature more clearly visible


Marvel App Prototype

From the next round of prototyping I got from the user testing was to think about the interactions that will occur when you begin to follow food critics. Once a person is followed what will then happen on the screen view? Perhaps their top 3 recommended reviews, or a list of their choices based on your user profile? Also the location based services could use more indicators of how the results will populate to the user view and how the filters will affects the results need to be displayed. Finally the account home profile page should act more as your own feed of bookmarks and list of recommendations by people you follow.

#Thursday Play – Who’s In?

Sometimes the simplest apps are the best and Who’s In? tackles one of the biggest problems in making plans with friends / family. A simple who’s in? text notification can be sent to friends and you are either “in” or you’re “out” and its as simple as that.

My initial reaction to this app is that it is beautifully designed and very simple without being simplistic. I think the ability to declare immediately that you are “in” or “out” of going to attend an invitation should be handled as such without the need for any complications. And for that reason I give this app a thumbs up.