Mani & Juan – Final App Idea – The Report

We are both interested in making an app that has no real purpose. We want it to look cool, and to tap in to as much passive data collection as possible because we both are quantified selves. So we are taking our inspiration from Nicholas Feltron and his annual reports.

So the basic idea is that users will download an app, and then input information on their various social media outlets (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and then let the phone start grabbing all that information and begin a data visualization on the website that will show that info in a visually striking way.

FF00DD – Final Presentation


bon appétit – PAINT YOUR PLATE

7 Day Color Diet – one primary color each day of the week

The Color Wheel Diet – What color is your Diet?

The 5 Color Diet – “Color Way” campaign by Produce for Batter Health Foundation

The Rainbow Diet Meal Plan – mix it all up into your meals

Apps in the Store:

Color Collection –

The Diet of Colors – website down

 Digital Mockup

User testing 1

Photo Feb 25, 7 31 51 PM Photo Feb 25, 7 31 40 PM Photo Feb 25, 7 31 38 PM Photo Feb 25, 7 31 36 PM

Design 01

Final Design

ff00dd__0000_loading ff00dd__0001_todayBefore ff00dd__0002_camera ff00dd__0003_addCameraColor ff00dd__0004_todayAfter ff00dd__0005_colorLog ff00dd__0006_singleItemPicture ff00dd__0007_singleItemPictureDetail ff00dd__0008_historyWeek ff00dd__0009_historyMonth ff00dd__0010_user ff00dd__0011_settings


ff00dd – Food By Colors iOS App

Here’s the wireframe with what I think are the core elements of the app. Logging in the data is one thing and then being able to view it over time and by color could be very interesting.