#MondayPlay AR Invaders

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AR Invaders



I have recently been going through a phase of being obsessed with Augmented Reality apps and the possibilities of what we can design with them. So far one of my favorite examples is this game “AR Invaders.” AR Invaders allows you to turn any room or space into the playing field for your game. When the game starts you are given controls to shoot and then you start to aim and shoot at UFOs that appear to be flying around in the environment around you. The great thing about this game is it encourages you to stand up and get actively involved with the game you’re playing. I have not played it yet but there is also a multiplayer mode which I can only assume lets you be more involved. I am leaning towards working with augmented reality next year in my thesis and this ¬†app is a great inspiration for that.

#MondayPlay TimeHop






Timehop is an iPhone app that once you log in with your facebook, twitter, instagram, and/or foursquare creates a time capsule of all your social media since you created it. Every morning you receive a new “time hop” that tells you what you did on that day exactly 1…2…3…4…years ago. This app has been fun in that sometimes I’m reminded of fun memories I had forgotten about and sometimes I’m reminded of how awkward of a high schooler/college freshman I was. The only improvements I wish this app would make would be 1. that it would show you other activity besides just status updates 2. that you could include older social medias for a longer time capsule like Xanga, MySpace, or Livejournal etc. and 3. that it would be available for Android ūüėČ

Food App Wireframes and User Testing: I’ll Have What He’s Having

I’ll Have What He’s Having¬†(working title)

My idea for a food app is an app that helps you discover the food you can order at restaurants that isn’t on the menu and is spread by word of mouth. After talking through my first round of wireframes it was clear there wasn’t enough information – especially visual information to make the app interesting to explore. In my second iteration of my wireframes I have added the ability to save your favorite items as well as add pictures and variations on the food items. I really want to stray away from creating a social network out of this app and am looking at it from the view point of a user generated and curated index¬†– similar to how wikipedia is run.

Interactive Prototype: http://popapp.in/w#!/projects/512bfec55132ace23100072b/preview/iOS58Ck8p3wj2omtZlDk7y26?alt=1





Project 1: Concepts

1. An app based on the phrase “I’ll have what he’s having.” Over break I went to visit a friend at Green Mountain College in Vermont which is in the very small town of Poultney. While there we went to a little restaurant and after my friend and I ordered her boyfriend ordered by simply saying “I’ll have what he’s having.” and the waitress knew what he meant. I guess this started with an older guy who was a regular got the same sandwich every time and it was a sandwich that wasn’t on the menu then one day someone saw what he had and was like “I’ll have what he’s having.” other people caught on and it became a way to order this guy’s sandwich that wasn’t on the menu. This is the most creative way I have seen to order non-menu items but I have been to other restaurants where there are things you can order that are not listed on the menu. This brings me to my first app idea which would be some sort of app that let’s you check whatever restaurant you are at or going to and see if there are any hidden gems that you would have missed out on otherwise.

2. An app based on r/foodPorn. r/foodPorn is a subreddit where people post pictures of amazing food. Often I see these pictures and I find myself immediately wondering where did they get that?? and usually the comments are a thread of users trying to figure out where it’s from if the poster didn’t include that detail. This app would be similar to the idea of Yelp as a way to find restaurants but instead of having to search through reviews you could open up the area you are in on a map and be shown pictures of food taken in that area. This way you are choosing your restaurant based on the food you want and not based on taking people’s word on food when everyone has different taste.

3. An app that indexes your refrigerator. Especially when living with roommates it is easy to forget what food you bought and when. This idea is inspired that my food, especially produce, tends to go bad before I get a chance to use it. The app would let you create an index of all your food and when it expires to aid in both grocery shopping and what you should make for dinner.