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Hologo is for students, teachers, schools and lifelong learners. The app brings immersive experiences to the education system, for students to learn better and for teachers to better teach concepts visually like never before using Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Technology.

I like how this app combines AR with the education context to make the experience more interesting and immersive. The interface was very easy to use and all contents are clearly displayed.

Week 15 Kelsey Yu – Final Presentation for Project3

++++ This is a group project with Yao Huang++++


We designed an APP for the management of cryptocurrencies. In addition, we designed the add-on of the APP for iWatch to make the user experience easier and more convenient.

Main Features in iPhone:

  • My cryptocurrencies list: Users can check the balance of their cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, they also can see the trend of cryptocurrencies’ value and decide to sell/buy cryptocurrencies.
  • AI transaction: If users open the AI transaction mode, the application will sell or buy cryptocurrencies for users to increase the profit or decrease the deficit. Users retain the right to cancel AI transactions.
  • Send/ Request Money: Users can transfer/receive cryptocurrencies.
  • My cards: Users can connect their bank card to the application for transactions.
  • Transaction History: All transaction History of incoming and outgoing money and cryptocurrencies.

Main Features on iWatch:

  • My Balance: Show the balance of different cryptocurrencies
  • AI Transactions: Remind AI transaction and users can cancel the transaction on the iWatch
  • Notifications: Incoming/ outgoing money notification

Please go to the link the check the clickable prototype on iPhone.

Please go to the link the check the clickable prototype on iWatch.

Week14 Kelsey Yu – Project3 Add-on

++++ This is a group project with Yao Huang++++

We design the add-on of the cryptocurrency management application for iWatch so that users can manage cryptocurrencies on iWatch easily.

There are 3 main features:

1: Show the balance of different cryptocurrencies

2: Remind AI transaction and users can cancel the transaction on the iWatch

3: Incoming/ outgoing money notification

Week13Kelsey Yu – Project 3 digital prototype

++++ This is a group project with Yao Huang++++


1: remove the total balance section into different cryptocurrencies detail view.

2: Redesign the infographic for different cryptocurrencies.

3: Add an AI transaction history view.

4: Replace bank accounts with bank cards.

5: Add unread messages button in the “send money view” and “request money view”.




Week12 Kelsey Yu – Project 3 improved wireframes

++++ This is a group project with Yao Huang++++

project 3 wireframe improved

What I learned from paper prototype:

1: Allow users to connect the bank account to the application

2: Remove statistics on the tap bar

3: Make the app more intelligent which can automatically recommend the investment decision: including the amount of investment and sell/buy

4: Don’t ask users add a card when they logging in.


Week6- Kelsey (Yue Yu) Apple TV / Thursday APP-1

3 Things learned about Apple TV

1: Parallax:

a subtle visual effect used throughout the system to convey depth and dynamism when an element is in focus. Through image layering, transparency, scaling, and motion, parallax produces a 3D effect with a sense of realism and vitality.

2: Split Views

A split view manages the presentation of two side-by-side panes of content, each of which can contain any variety of elements, including tables, collections, images, and custom views.

3: Include closed captions and audio descriptions.

Closed captions allow the deaf and hard-of-hearing to perceive spoken dialogue and other audible content in videos. Audio descriptions provide spoken narration of important video content for the visually impaired.


project2 apple Tv pdf

Thursday App


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