Week4 HW -Kelsey Yu

What I learned:

1: Move navigation to the bottom

— {Existing Menu Plan,

Menu for people who have food ingredients,

Menu guide people to buy food ingredients and cooking,

Shopping List}

2:IphoneX has a home button at the bottom. Save space for the home button.

3: No LogIn page; No time periods on existing menu plan page.

4: Allow users to choose to past/future time period.

5: Give the presentation and introduce menu details from the existing menu page(homepage).

6: Add a cancel icon to allow users to remove allergic information.

7: Adjust the layout of text.

8: Design a full-page size calendar.


Improved Design:



Feb 15, Week3 HW -Kelsey Yu

3 Learnings from last week paper prototype:

1: Adjust sidebar position and text size.  Change swipe left to swift up.

2: Change the position of the saved menu icon from upside to downside.

3: Use house icon to take place of the original icon of the homepage.The original icon makes people expect a sidebar, which does not exist.


Digital Prototype:


Kelsey (Yue Yu) week2 HW

  • Note 2-3 user insights that you learned from paper prototyping

1:country selections and calendar is too small

2: The saved menu should exchange the position with current menu.The Current menu is important and it’s should in the tab-bar.

3: Add a remind interface to ask people if they want to generate a new plan and covered the original one during a week.


Week2 wireframe

Week1 HW- Kelsey (Yue Yu)

                                                Kelsey (Yue Yu)

Kelsey's undergraduate background is digital media art and design.She always been immersing herself in where the most cutting-edge design coming from. She is in an interdisciplinary area between design and technology. After getting touch with graphic design, animation production, UI/UX, she dedicated to
innovatecommunication and interactive method, which sometimes can shape users' behavior. 

Project1 App Map

Project1 wireframe

3 things I didn’t know from the Apple HIG or the Material Design Guidelines

  1. How to use P3colore space to enhance visual experience
  2. Auto-layout
  3. Question about the sentence: “Content behavior can be independent of the behavior of material.”