Week 4 || Frannie

User test feedback:

  1. The position of the recipe’s name was confusing, should be move either higher or lower in order to identify the recipe.
  2. What about ingredients like salt, and green onions in the recipe? Should there be recommendation for user based on these ingredients?
  3. There should be title for options in the recommend based on category/ingredient page.
  4. Text are too small.


Digital Prototype:


WEEK 3 || Frannie Xiao

Learning From Paper Prototype:

  1. The app should be learning from user’s behavior, and try to recommend dishes based on their preference and cooked recipes.
  2. The “favor the recipe” tab and “add to grocery list” tab are similar and seems a little bit repetitive for user to tap on both of them since most of time they will tap on both tabs. The two tabs could be combined together and directly store the recipe into a local account.

Digital Prototype:


WEEK 1 || Frannie Xiao

Hi! My name is Yiying Xiao and you can call me Frannie. I came from Beijing, China. And I defined myself as an artist, creative producer, experience designer, and interaction designer.


Things I didn’t know about Apple HIG:



I didn’t realize before that there are subtle indicators for user to subconsciously know what’s going on with the APP. But it does give the user a hint on the feedbacks that are very subtle that works better than a grand gesture of status changing.


I actually noticed that most used apps for me has similar icons which are designed visually similar to the Apple system icons. But I didn’t realize the reason of this action is to keep the app consistent with the system so user would feel familiar with what’s happening in the app.

[Color & Branding]

The part that encourage designers to stick with the color palette which coordinate with the logo and overall brand vibes are very inspired since I’ve always only thought about how the color palette would effects user’s emotions rather than the way they perceives the brand.