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Recently I am really obsessed with my new iPad pro and apple pen.
I downloaded a lot of sketching app but I like this one called Paper the most.
The biggest feature is that it introduces different styles of sketches. You can sketch right next to the example and use their suggested strokes and color scheme.
Compare to other fancy Adobe sketching apps overwhelmed with a bunch of tools, this app is good for beginners to explore their own style.



You play as a young boy, but

And you'll have to hide from giant robots that can kill you instantly if you step into their spotlight.

INSIDE is a puzzle adventure game. It’s beautifully animated and a little bit horrifying.  The game is kind of monochromatic and dark, with a few colors sparingly to highlight parts of the environment. The story unfolds slowly over the game, showing you very little pieces about the world, letting you put everything together on your own.

The story is talking about a boy, who wears a red shirts that symbolize hope, running into the dark world. The boy keep running “inside”, stepping deeper into danger to rescue his body. However, the boy does not exist for real, he is the representation of hope. The aesthetic and the story of the game is pure fascinating.

#Thursday app || Frannie






Mug Life App

This app is using computer vision to animate a picture into videos or animated gifs. The users are able to export the gif and share it. Other than sharing the animated image with their friends, the users could also share their images within the app. There is also a trend function in the app that allows the users to see other people’s work. The users can either make the gif based on the template provided by the app or through the creative mode where they can change everything by an in-app purchasing.

I really like this app because you can get very realistic but funny results sometimes. I think the company did a good job of combining technology with real-life photos and provided the opportunity for the users to create something out of the original boring photo. For me, it is a playful app.


Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud is an app that provides you a self-care companion. In our everyday life, we have to deal with many kinds of task that make us stress,  the app will remind people to do things that decrease their stress level includes :

  • Breath
  • Hydrate (Remind people to drink water)
  • Motivate
  • Move
  • Health
  • Break
  • Rest
  • Fuel
  • Refresh
  • People
  • Stimulate
  • Motivate

All of the above is the simple activities that people tend to forget to do in their daily life, but it is really effective and can be used to reduce the stress level in human. After they did each activity, they have to tap “Check In” button and the activities will appear in their recent activities.

I think this app is interesting because stress in human become one of the main problems in the society right now, people tend to be more stressful than ever, and they do not know how to manage it. The app will help people relieve their stress anytime and anywhere, and it also has the push notification in case if the users is too busy and forgot to do the stress-relieve activities.

Week 9 Apple TV Final Presentation and Feedback_Jean



My final Apple TV app is called FitFam, it is an app for a healthy family. Not only that it supports the family member to eat healthier, but it also compares your weekly weight loss to the other family members, in this case, it will motivate each of the members to be more active.

This app is for everyone in the family to use, each of the members will have their own account. Before they go into the app, they have to select the user and then it will go to the main page. There are 3 tab bars

  • Meal
  • Exercise
  • Me

In the “Meal” tab, it will provide the users the healthy meal recipe, includes

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • snacks

After the user clicks on one of the meal, it will show all the recipe that they have. The user can choose to:

  • play the video, to see how to cook the meal step by step
  • add to breakfast, the meal will appear in one of the page in “Me” tab, to calculate your daily intake
  • view ingredient, if the user just wants to view the ingredient of that menu

The second tap is “Exercise”, the user can choose which style of exercise they want to do between

  • endurance
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

And when you click into one of the exercise styles, it will show all the video that they have. User can

  • play the video
  • Add to exercise, the exercise will appear in the “Diary” page in the “Me” tab, to calculate your daily intake
  • Add member, you can add other members in your family to join your exercise, the exercise will also be added to their diary to calculate their daily intake

The last tap is the “Me” tap, it includes

  • Goal
  • Diary
  • Status

The “Goal” page will show your personal data, current goals, and activities. In this page, you have to insert your data from your phone which will link and appears on this page.

The “Diary” page will record your daily intake includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and exercises. And it will calculate the remaining calories for you in each day.

The “Status page” is the page that shows weekly goal achievement for each of the family member, the app will rank the members so they will know which status they are. the member that achieved the weekly goal the most, will be on the top rank.

Feedback from the final presentation

  • the size of the tab bar is not right
  • After the user adds the meal or the exercise to the diary, it shouldn’t link to that page directly. Instead, it can be a pop-up that notified the users that it had been added to the diary page

Edited Page

Final Digital Prototype of Apple TV App

Week 15 – Franky Wang (Final Post)

+++ Group work with Yin Hu +++

CAREMOTE – App design for smart cars

+++ The final version of iOS app +++

Main updates:

1 – Display the car status on the main page, deleted the unnecessary status information from the safety page.

2 – Changed the visual style of the map view. Included the glowing visual effects of the route for a better view.

3 – In the machine learning process, updated the visual design of progression into step indications.

4 – Deleted the entire switch of the security mode. (Change the name from restricted mode to the security mode.)

5 – Added the name of icons under the navigation bar.

+++ The final version of watch app +++

Main updates:

1 – Changed the information layouts on the index page, increase the font size of the percentage and zoom out the remaining distance.

2 – Deleted the notification page and replace with the setting page for users to customize the order of pages based on their own preferences.

Visual Effects

#Thursdayapp 02 – Franky Wang


Sway is a meditation app that helps people meditate and move mindfully so that they can get rid of distracting thoughts.

Sway’s interface includes fuzzy pictures with calming colors, and they give straightforward instructions. For an app that’s all about the sound and feeling, they still accomplish a lot with their mobile app UI design as well.

Sway is based on ‘interactive meditation’, a new approach to meditation which shows similar results to ‘guided meditation’ but is even more effective in noisy and busy environments. Its scientific validation shows that engaging in interactive meditation daily may have long-term benefits to your attention levels.

Sway uses a new scientific approach to mental wellbeing called Interactive Meditation. Based on the ancient learnings of Tai Chi and mindfulness, Interactive Meditation uses a patented ‘attention feedback loop’ and interactive technology to detect human voluntary attention through slow, continuous and gentle movement. It has been scientifically validated to provide similar results to existing forms of modern meditation such as ‘guided meditation’, but has been proven to work better in active and noisy environments.

Week 15 Ting and Jason

1. In keyword view after the meeting, maybe we can use a list format instead of the interactive, because there might be a bunch keywords in a meeting.

2. UI is a little too similar across the whole app

3. The start button is the major function, shall we make it bigger?

4. After the app listen for a long time, what can the AI do more? Can it give feedback on its own?

5. Automatically sends you email or generates a doc after the meeting?